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Tips and Formats for All Nursing Jobs


Securing a job becomes a lot easier with the help of a resume, as it is the first impression of your professional attributes. The recruiters generally abide by a six-second rule to check for the perfect resumes that qualify to be shortlisted according to the job position needs.

With a rise in the healthcare sector, people have a keen interest in serving humanity in the most humane form by taking up the nursing profession. But even these jobs require a well-prepared and qualified nursing resume.

If you are aiming to land a job in the nursing sector, you have arrived at the right site. Here we will be giving you all the nursing resume examples to help you prepare one for yourself and crack the job you are looking forward to.

Nursing Jobs: The Pillars Of the Healthcare System

Nurses are the go-to healthcare professionals in case of need of any medical assistance or first aid, and they are trained to cater to the needs of the ill and needy. Let us quickly check the much-needed skills to ace this profession and how you can build a resume to qualify for healthcare professionals. 

What are the essential skills required to fit in a nursing job?

Nursing is a very soft and sensitive profession. Apart from some hard tactical skills, it requires soft skills to handle the patients with utmost care. Some of the skills that can boost your chance of getting hired includes:

  • Soft Skills:

Excellent communication skills

Stress management



Positive attitude




  • Hard Skills:


Patient assessment

Medical documentation

Administer and monitor medications

Infant and child care

Ambulatory and emergency care

Safe patient transfers

Wound care

Nursing Resume Examples: Secure Your Required Nursing Job

Here are some nursing resume examples to get through your desired nursing job based on your experience, qualifications, and skills. 

1. Nursing Resume:


Tips to make a Nursing Resume work

Licenses are a must be added to your nursing resume. You can add all your nursing licenses to the title of your resume, and a nursing license proves that you are qualified for the position.

  • Be specific about your practice area
  • Detail your healthcare work experience in the nursing area
  • Prefer quantifying your experience with regards to the patients and beds

2. Registered Nurse Resume: 


Tips to make a perfect Registered Nurse Resume:

Instead, you need not write your objective here but prefer detailing your healthcare work experience over the resume. 

  • Include your work experience outside the clinical boundaries
  • Include your experience in a community outreach program
  • The opportunity for public speaking 
  • Initiative to organize documentation practices

3. New Grad Nursing Resume:


Tips to build a New Grad Nursing Resume

In the case of a New Grad Nursing resume, the best thing is to include your experience on clinical rotations. 

  • Remember to include all your healthcare work experiences
  • Mention non-healthcare work experience
  • Include your paid internships and volunteering sessions as well
  • Ensure to describe the skills that best suit the job description
  • Focus on the skills that have gained your experience

4. Nursing Student Resume:


Tips to make a Nursing Student Resume Work

Describe your expertise during the clinical rotations. 

  • Entail your school learnings
  • Describe your contributions as a nursing student
  • Mention the school nursing classes 
  • Focus on increasing the experience section in comparison to the education one
  • Focus and include the relevant and current information

5. Nurse Practitioner Resume


Tips for creating an excellent resume for a Nurse practitioner:

You should mention the type of license you hold in your resume, whether the license is that of an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) or a Nurse Practitioner (NP). It makes your employer clear about your qualifications.

  • Remember to include your designation after your surname
  • Customize your resume for the experienced skills 
  • Include both hard skills and soft skills
  • Define your learned and complex tactical skills
  • Explain your attributes relevant to the job for soft skills
  • Customize your resume objective for the job description stated

6. Experienced Nurse Resume


Tips for creating a resume for an Experienced Nurse job:

Experience comes with several years of putting your knowledge and skills into your job. Your resume should reflect your healthcare work experience.

  • Exhibit different responsibilities 
  • Define your clinical techniques
  • Narrate your expertise used during your career
  • Cut short your education and skills section
  • Highlight your work experience as the hero of your resume
  • Make your resume reader-friendly

7. ICU Nurse Resume


Tips for building an effective ICU Nurse Resume:

ICU Nurse resume calls for a more specialized role in the nursing job. It includes the roles for ICU nurse positions, etc.

  • Align your job title with the job description that you are applying 
  • State your ICU nursing experiences
  • Mention your clinical nursing experiences
  • Call out the relevant situations where your healthcare services worked wonders
  • Demonstrate your work experience

8. Chief Nursing Officer Resume:


Tips for creating an ideal resume for a Chief Nursing Officer:

CNOs have a remarkable experience. To apply for a job as CNO, you should always write such a resume in a reverse chronological order highlighting the latest and current situation at the top. 

  • Highlight the growth of your career
  • Showcase your recent leadership roles
  • Include your hard skills and soft skills
  • Focus on your hard skills
  • Mention your skills regarding State and Federal Compliance, BLS, Fiscal health analysis, QA/ QC, etc.

How to Create an Ideal Nursing Resume

Your resume is the first impression of your profile, so make sure that it is foolproof. Irrespective of the nursing job, you must add certain sections to your resume. With the help of a few tips, you can create any nursing resume to crack your desired position. 

1. Add your contact details- Full name, credentials, address, contact number, email ID.

2. Add a professional profile statement- Write a short, on-point resume summary. Mention qualifications, quantify work experience, and mention keywords.

3. List your work experience- Mention your healthcare work experience in reverse chronological order.

4. List your education and training- Start with your most recent (highest degree) and ad only relevant certificates, diplomas, and degrees.

5. Make wise use of keywords- Recruiters use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to help filter the unnecessary resumes, prioritizing the ones that hold keywords from the job posting.

6. Highlight your clinical rotations- List the relevant clinical rotations in case you don't have prior work experience.

7. Describe your skills- Prefer using action verbs to define your skills, such as developed, coordinated, supported, managed, trained, encouraged, administered, etc.

8. Feature your accomplishments and achievements- Conclude your nursing by highlighting your awards, honors, affiliations, and recognitions. Include your healthcare accomplishments that are relevant to the nursing organizations.

9. Prepare a cover letter- Remember to prepare a well-framed cover letter in advance if you are asked to produce one impromptu.

How to Format Your Nursing Resume Effectively?

There are numerous applicants for a single vacancy. How should you stand out to secure your chance of hiring? The first step you can start with is creating a well-formatted nursing resume.

For a greater chance of job success, you should create a well-structured, easy-to-understand, logical, and reader-friendly resume. You should choose the best format based on your skills, experience, and the description of the job that you are applying for to present your content in the best possible manner.

The most common formats for a nursing resume are:

1. Reverse Chronological Format:

It is the most commonly used format, especially if you have considerable work experience. Here you list your recent and latest experiences and skills as the top priority and proceed in reverse chronological order. 

2. Functional Format:

It is a traditional resume format, especially for beginners and freshers. If you are a fresh graduate seeking a nursing job, you can format your nursing resume in a functional design to precisely list all your specific skills. This format focuses more on skills rather than experience.

3. Hybrid or Combination Format:

It is a combination of functional and reverse chronological format, technically used if you are planning to re-establish your professional career. It focuses on your skills and experience equally.

It is always advisable to prefer the reverse chronological format as it helps your recruiter assess your professional growth. Depending upon your work stage, you can resort to any of the above-given formats that best suit your needs.

How to Edit Your Nursing Resume

We have already assisted you with multiple nursing resume examples. You can choose any of them to create your own nursing resume depending upon the job profile and your experience.

You can easily create one with the help of a professional PDF reader tool, say PDF Agile. It is a complete solution for all your PDF needs, and it not only helps you edit your files but convert them seamlessly.

The extra goodness offered by this fantastic and powerful editing software includes:

  • Helps convert files from PDF to any format (Word, PPT, Excel, Image, TXT, etc.)
  • Helps convert files to PDF from any format (Word, Excel, PPt, Image, DWG)
  • You can easily convert your nursing resume to a PDF without losing your fonts and formats.
  • You can easily edit and make the necessary changes to your resume.
  • You can also read your pre-saved nursing resume examples to take on-the-go guidelines while creating one.
  • You can quickly attach your signature electronically in case of an online application.
  • You can crop, merge and compress your PDF files without losing the quality.
  • Now add page numbers and hyperlinks to your resume in your PDFs easily.
  • You can even search for texts in your resume PDF to edit them.
  • You can also choose to resize and print your resume with PDF Agile.
  • Your resumes are safe with PDF Agile's advanced privacy protection feature.
  • If you are traveling overseas but have a command over their native language, apply for the nursing job in a language they understand by translating the language of your resume through this brilliant PDF editor.

It is definitely a must-have editing tool, especially if you need to appear more confident in your professional documents.

General Tips to Write a Perfect Nursing Resume

Apart from creating a customized nursing resume, you must be well aware of the content that you are putting therein and how you are placing it. We have some general tips to make your resume sound professionally strong and score you a greater chance of hiring.

  • Be specific about your skills and certifications
  • Be organized with your resume layout
  • The length of your resume should not be more than 1 to 2 pages. 
  • Review the job posting thoroughly and be keyword friendly
  • Highlight your accomplishments and success
  • List your digital medical assistance skills
  • List your facility and unit type
  • Include your formal education and clinical rotations
  • Mention your volunteer experience 
  • Always customize your resume according to the job profile 
  • Be consistent with a typical resume framework
  • Remember to proofread before the final submit

A Quick Sum Up

Nurses are the pillars of our healthcare system, requiring a great deal of patience and dedication to become one. We have already provided some of the popular nursing resume examples if you are looking to apply for a nurse job in the healthcare industry.

Now you can create and customize your nursing resume to sound more specific for the job position. Proofread and edit your resume using PDF Agile to impress your hiring managers and land a job asap.

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