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Lawyer Resume: Know the Relevant Skills, Fields, Examples, and Tips

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The supreme knowledge, skills, qualifications, and experience is useless unless you can summarize them effectively on a single page. Yes. Many qualified job aspirants are rejected even before the interview because they fail to fit the measurements of the recruiter's six-second resume screening rule. 

Suppose you are a school-going student, a college graduate, or a senior lawyer. If you struggle to create an effective lawyer resume, we are here to provide you with all the necessary guidance. 

This article will guide you with multiple lawyer resume examples you can use while making a resume for your desired job position. You can also use the readily available lawyer resume templates to edit and tailor-make them according to your needs and comfort.  

Stay tuned to learn more about lawyers, their duties, and the vital skills you must ace to become a successful lawyer. 

Lawyer Resume Jobs: Selecting the Desired Law Firms  

 A lawyer/attorney/counsel or counselor is a person who represents his clients in legal matters. He is a licensed professional who is fit to advise people on legal aspects (issues and disputes). The various clients of a lawyer can be businessmen, individuals, and government agencies.  

The duties of a lawyer include: 

  • Communication with clients and colleagues  
  • Interpretation of laws, regulations, and rulings for clients 
  • Research and analysis of legal issues 
  • Preparation and filing of legal documents  
  • Presentation of facts to clients and others 

What Skills Are Vital for a Lawyer Resume 

Successful lawyers take years of practice and the vital skills to nourish their caliber. So you must deeply understand the hard and legal skills that go as a base and foundation in this challenging profession.

If you are an intern or a graduate, you can start practicing these skill sets today to nurture your passion in a professional tone.  

Soft Skills: 

  • Work ethics 
  • Dependable 
  • Time management 
  • Persuasive 
  • Communication  
  • Collaboration  
  • Interpersonal skills 
  • Detail oriented 
  • Analytical  
  • Organization  

Hard/Legal Skills: 

  • Negotiations, mediation, and settlement  
  • Legal research 
  • Corporate law 
  • Documentation  
  • Client advocacy and satisfaction 
  • Knowledge of laws  
  • Understand legal procedures 
  • Client management  
  • Litigation strategy and management  
  • Discovery  
  • Upselling, research, and writing 
  • Criminal law  
  • Trial preparation  
  • Tort law and product liability law  

Multiple Fields to Explore For a Lawyer 

The profession of a lawyer is not restricted within the boundaries. Depending on your choice and area of interest, you have numerous fields to explore. For example, if you seek to build a career as a lawyer, we have given you some examples that you can explore, considering your passion and interest.  

  • Business lawyer 
  • Tax lawyer 
  • Toxic tort lawyer  
  • Entertainment lawyer 
  • Finance and securities lawyer 
  • Defense lawyer 
  • Environmental lawyer 
  • Family lawyer  
  • Medical malpractice lawyer  
  • Labor lawyer 
  • Digital media and internet lawyer 
  • Video game lawyer  
  • Estate planning lawyer 
  • Immigration lawyer 
  • A social security disability lawyer  
  • Intellectual property (IP) lawyer 
  • Personal injury lawyer  
  • Government lawyer 
  • Mergers and acquisitions lawyer  

Lawyer Resume Examples: A Guide For Your Dream Job Role 

Some of the lawyer resume examples are listed below for you to apply for your desired job position in any law firm.  

1. Attorney Resume 

Attorney Resume  

Tips to Write an Effective Attorney Resume: 

An attorney's resume is pretty simple to define. Expertise and experience is the key to cracking such a resume.  

  • Showcase your practice areas 
  • Impress the hiring manager by being transparent with your facts and the details of your experience  
  • Use bullet points for greater attention 
  • Use action verbs 
  • Highlight your knowledge and expertise through references from your cases   

2. Entry Level Attorney Resume 

Entry Level Attorney Resume

Tips to Build an Ideal Entry Level Attorney Resume:  

  • An entry-level attorney's resume focuses primarily on internships and a law school career.  
  • In the absence of internships, add a section for projects 
  • Detail some of the works of law school 
  • Highlight your association with any legal professional organizations 
  • Include a career objective 
  • Demonstrate your interest in the particular law firm that you are applying to 
  • Customize your objective for each job role before applying 
  • Tailor-make your objective according to each job description and keywords mentioned therein before applying for the position 

3. Associate Attorney Resume


Tips to Make a Perfect Associate Attorney Resume Work: 

  • An associate attorney's resume focuses on the candidate's work experience apart from an internship.   
  • Highlight your recent work experience 
  • Demonstrate expertise in your practice area 
  • Have in-depth knowledge of your practice area 
  • Don't neglect the other areas-it helps you apply for a general law firm. You may have complete command over one area, but you cannot be completely ignorant of others.  
  • Prove yourself worthy of roles involving the SEC

4. Senior Attorney Resume   


Tips to Create an Ideal Senior Attorney Resume Work: 

A senior attorney's resume focuses entirely on your work experience. But, of course, the more achievements, the more pleasant it is. However, make sure it is easy to read, scan and understand. 

  • Demonstrate ownership in your past roles 
  • Use more action words to reflect power and confidence  
  • Exemplify your skills and their impacts 
  • Quantify your cases in metrics 
  • Highlight your knowledge and skills through their references in your cases 

5. Trademark Attorney Resume 

 Trademark Attorney Resume

Tips to Make a Trademark Attorney Resume Work: 

A trademark attorney's resume focuses on the practice area that you have previously worked on. It is a specialized role. 

  • Highlight your experience as a trademark attorney 
  • In the absence of an experience in the specialized area, focus on the other areas relevant to trademark and IP 
  • Count your experience in IP law as a whole 
  • Build a heavily qualified and strong resume  

Lawyer Resume Templates: Websites, Guide, and Designs 

A few lawyer resume templates can help you guide in remarkable ways. First, it is a readily available document preloaded with different designs and structures to help you edit it according to your needs. Then, you can also take its guidance to create a customized resume from scratch.  

Such templates are readily available online and can be downloaded to your devices at a click. Depending on your desired post, you may download the specific design and edit it wisely before applying for the job.  

 Lawyer Resume Templates

Several websites to assist you in downloading a lawyer resume templates are:  

  • templates net  
  • Monster  
  • Zety 
  • Live career  
  • Kick resume  
  • Job seeker  
  • Bmas life initiative 
  • Resume genius  
  • Beamjobs 
  • Resume kraft  
  • Resume builder  
  • Resume worded  

The templates for a lawyer resume are generally in PDF format. Despite these templates being readily available, you will need a professional PDF reader to access them on your devices. For example, you can use a PDF editing software like PDF Agile PDF editor to open, read and edit these templates and other documents in PDF format.  

We will discuss this excellent PDF editing app in the topic ahead. But before that, stay tuned to check the steps for preparing a tailor-made lawyer resume quickly 

How to Make an Ideal Lawyer Resume: Steps and Structure 

You can take the help of some lawyer resume templates to edit it as per your needs and requirements or create one from scratch. However, it would be best to prepare a sharp outline before writing your resume. Even the minutest mistake can cost you your dream job and law firm. 

1. Selecting the layout wisely: 

In case of a high experience, you must resort to a reverse chronological layout. It helps you highlight and prioritize your latest work experience at the top. Use a wide font style, clear headings, and white spaces to select the format neatly. 

2. Adding the necessary contact details:  

Your contact details will help the hiring manager to contact you in the future. You can include:  

  • Your full name 
  • Address/ location 
  • Professional mobile number 
  • Official email ID 
  • Professional social media handles like Twitter and Linked In 

3. Whether to opt for a resume summary or a resume objective? 

You must prepare a resume summary for enlisting comprehensive legal experience and achievements. If you are a fresher or an intern, you can adhere to making a resume objective. But do not forget to reflect your passion and enthusiasm.  

4. Describing your legal experience: 

Your legal experience decides the chances of your qualifications for the job. Ensure to list and highlight them correctly. For example, you must focus on the qualities required in the job description and search for any admissible proof. Your measurable achievements must match the job description perfectly.  

In the absence of a relevant experience, you can include: 

  • Volunteering at court 
  • Pro bono work 
  • Part-time freelancing jobs 
  • Internship or a judicial clerkship 
  • Judging the high school moot court competitions 

5. Adding the relevant education section: 

Your resume must have solid education information. You must list 3-5 academic achievements in bullet points to qualify for the interview. You can write: 

  • Your college name 
  • College address/location 
  • Degree and major subjects  
  • GPA (if the scores are good enough) 

6. Writing the necessary skills:  

Highlight only the necessary legal skills that sync with the job description and keywords. Add numbers to your skills and quantify their impact. In addition, you must portray your soft skills to complement the legal ones. 

7. Show your bar admission:  

It would be best to mention your bar status or association. You may state that the results are awaiting if you are not licensed yet. For example, ABC State Bar (awaiting results). You can put your bar status in the resume summary or experience section.  

8. Include other sections: 

While everyone possesses the necessary education and legal skills, you can highlight the extras that make you outshine your competitors and quickly grab the hiring manager's attention. You can include any of the following or as many as you have among them: 

  • Journal works and notes 
  • Publications (non-journal)  
  • Volunteering experience  
  • Conferences 
  • Moot court experience  
  • Community involvement  
  • Additional activities 
  • Student organizations  
  • Hobbies and interests  

9. Cover letter is the key: 

Since every resume gets only seven seconds of attention from the hiring manager, ensure it is worth his time. So adding a well-written cover letter can expand this time frame to several minutes. Connect with the hiring manager and highlight how you can serve the position in the best possible manner. 

How to Edit Your Lawyer Resume Using PDF Agile PDF Editor 

Using the lawyer resume templates, you can create customized resumes for each job position. But you must edit them effectively to qualify for the interview and secure your dream job in your desired law firm. For example, PDF Agile PDF editor is a mesmerizing editing tool created to cater to your PDF requirements.  

When you successfully make your lawyer resume, you shall edit it with PDF Agile before submitting it to the law firm. But editing is not alone its forte; some of the other compelling features of this splendid PDF editor are: 

  • You can access the preloaded templates and documents on your device anytime. 
  • It aids you in converting your files and formats from PDF to Word, TXT, PPT, Excel, etc., and otherwise. 
  • Translate the language of your lawyer resume into any foreign language.  
  • Easily include hyperlinks and page numbers to your lawyer's resume and other documents.  
  • With this powerful editor, you can now resize and print your resume copies and other documents. 
  • Now all your resumes and other essential documents are safe and secure with PDF Agile's high-tech security features. 
  • You can easily merge, crop, and even compress your files without losing the quality. 
  • Edit your documents, retaining the original font size and format of your resume and documents.  
  • You can quickly add the digital signatures to your resumes with the PDF Agile software. 

PDF Agile PDF editor must surely be your go-to software for proofreading for any errors before submitting your resume or your other critical documents.  

Generic Tips to Follow While Drafting Your Lawyer Resume 

You must be extremely careful while writing your lawyer resume. While everyone can write a resume, the day's question is how you should draft it to outshine the other candidates.  

Even if you cannot change your education or experience section, you can still write it in a way to increase your chances of getting shortlisted. Here are some quick tips to help you write a compelling one: 

  • 1. Research all the job offers and carefully note the keywords and descriptions of every job. 
  • 2. Ensure to make a fresh and customized resume for each job and law firm you apply to.  
  • 3. Pay special attention to the responsibilities of each job. 
  • 4. Always highlight your qualifications and skills in bullet points to grab the recruiter's attention. 
  • 5. Write your lawyer resume in reverse chronological order. 
  • 6. Don't forget to add the education section to your resume. Your degrees, certifications, etc., are relevant for any law firm.  
  • 7. Write the relevant skills that match the job keywords and description.  
  • 8. Quantify the impact of your skills in numbers.  
  • 9. Focus on your job history and show evidence of your caliber to excel in your job position. 
  • 10. Add a cover letter with your resume for a more significant impact. 
  • 11. Remember to include the 'other sections' to highlight your passion and engagement. 
  • 12. Ensure to highlight only those hobbies and activities that can add value to your resume. 
  • 13. Remember to proofread your lawyer resume before submitting it.  
  • 14. Edit for any grammatical and spelling errors. 

A Quick Wrap Up 

Possessing a law degree opens up the various paths of your career. Each direction is destined for a different environment and lifestyle. Your passion and interest ultimately become the guiding factor of your chosen course.   

Suppose you were looking to create a successful lawyer resume. In such a case, you can take the valuable guidance of a few lawyer resume templates before applying for your desired law firm and job position. We have also listed multiple lawyer resume examples and fields you can explore depending on your interests.  

Use our helpful tips and guidance to create a well-planned and ideal lawyer resume, and apply for your desired job today.   

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