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How to Convert PDF to TXT online

1. Select the PDF file from your computer system and select the “Choose file” option. You can choose any PDF file having tables, charts, and diagrams. The converter will extract the text from it.

2. Click "Convert", now PDF Agile will process the PDF to TXT conversion. It will take some seconds to provide you with the converted TXT file.

3. The converted file will be then displayed to download. The converted file is also ready to edit. There are several editing and customization tools available.


Why choose us to convert your file

  • Multiple operating systems support

    File conversion has no system limits now. You can effortlessly convert PDF, Word, PPT, Excel, image, and TXT on all the OS platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Safe and sound processing

    The files residing on the server are encrypted with 256-bit SSL Encryption which is the most modern encoding technology and provides the most vital privacy features. User’s converting the file daily. All the files are automatically deleted from the server within 24 hours to eliminate the privacy and security threats.

  • Convert efficiently and quickly

    The user-friendly interface brings many conveniences to converting PDF to TXT. You have to drag and drop the file, select the conversion option, and boom! You got your PDF file converted into TXT format.

  • Multiple platforms support

    Multiple operating system platforms support converting PDF to TXT online. The online conversion websites convert the PDF to TXT via Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • Efficient Text Extraction

    The powerful OCR integration lets you extract the text by scanning any paper document. This is the most potent OCR tool that has a maximum accuracy level when it comes to layout, sequence, and quality.

  • Multiple format converter

    The users can convert PDF to TXT easily through PDF Agile without compromising the content quality and layout. Not only this, the website lets you convert PDF to and from various formats such as Word, PPT, PPTX, TXT, Image, and Excel.

The Best PDF to TXT Converter and More

  • Effortless multiple formats conversion

    It allows its users to convert PDF files into TXT format seamlessly. All types of format conversions are possible using the PDF converter. You can convert PDF to and from Word, PPT, PPTX, TXT, Image, and Excel.

  • Digitally sign the documents

    It helps the executives and employees save time by electronically signing all the documents using the eSign feature. In this case, you don’t need to print the documents in bundles and then sign them one by one.

  • Extract and insert data pro-efficiently

    The latest and most powerful OCR (Optical Character Recognition) helps you extract the data and characters accurately from any hard copy document. The Pro account can extract the text from the pictures also. It prevents the users from wasting time typing the whole document.

  • Multiple customization tools

    After downloading the PPT to TXT format,, users can apply several tools and features to edit and customize the file. You can merge more than two documents, compress the file to send it quickly, and edit the font, text, and size.

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