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Convert PDF to Excel spreadsheets (xls/xlsx) Online for Free

How to Convert PDF to Excel Online

 1. Select the required PDF file from your system by clicking “Select File”.  

2. After selecting the file, click ”Convert" and wait for the conversion process to complete.    

3. Your Excel file is now ready to download. Export it to your system by clicking on the "Download" button. 

Why choose us to convert your file

  • Secured information and files

    All the client's data on the website or save is encrypted. We offer 256-bit SSL Encryption that decrypts and encrypt clients' information with its modern algorithms and methodologies.

  • Timely file removal

    The website server does not hold and saves the user’s file permanently. The user’s security is always taken into account, and the file you convert on the software is automatically Deleted from the website server to provide security and safety to its customers.

  • Quick and easy

    The PDF to Excel conversion takes a lot of complications and is a necessary data entry procedure. But here, you can get a quick process to convert because of its fantastic tools and features.

  • Format retaining at its best

    The Excel format is the most mandatory element to be concerned about because it contains several sheets, tables, rows, and cells to represent the file. Here there are tools and features to align the data to an Excel format and generate the perfect output.

  • Quality scanning

    The powerful OCR integrated into software lets you extract the words from different paper documents in high readable quality. All the characters and symbols are recognized with 100% accuracy with the help of powerful OCR integrated.

  • Offline PDF to Excel

    The Desktop version of PDF Agile doesn't need any internet connection. It helps its clients to convert the files offline, and it lets the users convert and edit anywhere remotely.

The Best PDF to Excel Converter and More

  • Nonstop PDF to Excel conversion

    Here is the perfect software for converting your PDF table to Excel, editing it, and customizing it accordingly. Not only this, but it helps its clients to convert from PDF to Word, PPT, CAD, and image format.

  • No hectic office routine

    Signing documents is the most tedious and hectic office task. We got your back, and here we're introducing you to the eSign feature where you can sign the documents electronically rather than signing the hundreds of papers by hand.

  • Impressive words extraction

    High quality and commanding Optical Character Recognition takes the data insertion to another level. You can scan any handwritten or other paper to apply OCR and extracts the words for further documents and file.

  • Personalize your files

    PDF Agile lets you apply various handy tools to edit your document seamlessly. There are numerous tools offered by PDF Agile, such as; editing the file, merging two or more files, compressing documents, and converting multiple copies at a time.

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