Refund Policy

Before contacting PDF Agile for a refund, you may want to check if your order is eligible for a refund.

The following products are not eligible for return:

  • Purchase is more than 30 days old from the date of initial payment.
  • Product requirements cannot be met. We encourage you to read the product description and try out all features before making a final purchase decision.
  • Unauthorized payments have been made due to credit card fraud or other reasons. If fraud or unauthorized payments are suspected, PDF Agile recommends that you contact your card issuer. As PDF Agile works with independent payment platforms, it is not possible to monitor authorizations during the payment process.
  • Buying the wrong product and later buying the right product from another company.
  • Product price differences between PDF Agile regions.
  • "Change of mind" after purchase. Refund requests for renewed orders for personal reasons such as "I didn't know it was renewed" or "I don't need it anymore." (Note: Automatic subscriptions can be cancelled at any time before the billing time.)
  • Customer refuses to cooperate with the PDF Agile Support Team to attempt troubleshooting, refuse to provide a detailed description and information about the problem, or refuse to attempt to apply the solution provided by the PDF Agile Support Team.
  • Products purchased from individuals, dealers or online auction sites.

However, PDF Agile welcomes you to request a refund in any of the following cases.

  • The wrong product was purchased, but you then placed the correct order from PDF Agile.
  • Repeated purchase of the same product.
  • You did not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of purchase, did not receive it after contacting the PDF Agile support team, and did not receive a prompt response from the PDF Agile support team after contacting (within 72 hours).
  • There is an end point technical problem with the purchased software. After contacting the PDF Agile support team, I did not receive a timely response from the PDF Agile support team. (within 72 hours), PDF Agile will refund the purchase price.

How do I request a refund?

To request a refund, you can email with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your PDF Agile account number
  3. Subject (select Refund)
  4. Information (specific reason for refund/screenshot)

Once we have approved your refund request, we will process your issue, which may take several business days.

How refunds are processed depends on your original payment method.

For example, if you paid with a credit or debit card, the refund will be sent to the issuing bank. Depending on your bank, it may take 5-10 days for the refund to arrive. 

Once a refund is issued, the corresponding license will be deactivated.