Adidas Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

A detailed scrutiny on how Adidas stays on the top through corporate statements.

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The mere mention of Adidas typically shifts the audience's mind to athletic apparel, shoes, and other sporty gear. Adidas achieved this popularity thanks to its effective marketing strategies since its inauguration in the 1920s. Keeping a balance between product quality and brand awareness, Adidas has doggedly become the second most sold sports brand globally.  

A brainchild of two brothers, Adolf Dassler and Rudolf (Rudi), the company first operated as Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. Two decades later, in 1949, the two brothers had a huge feud and went separate ways. However, both ventured separately into the footwear sector, with Rudolf later founding PUMA.  

Of course, Adidas is famous for several reasons. However, the victory boils down to its mission and vision statements. The following analysis defines Adidas' Mission and Vision Statement and their impact on the brand's growth and positioning in the market. This analysis will help brands who want to create or revise their vision or mission statements. 

Vision Statement   

Adidas' vision statement is "to be the leading sports brand globally by continuously bringing innovation and performance to every athlete." The vision statement is a clear and inspirational expression of a company's direction, intended to influence and motivate employees, customers, and stakeholders.  

The role of a vision statement acts more as a road map to the future. Vision statements do not only provide the strategic direction for an organization but also serve as a temporal guide and enhance the effectiveness of performance evaluation. Superiority in product performance is one of the central Adidas' long-term visions. As the brand focuses on producing optimum products, they prioritize comfort, durability, and remaining in style. Below are some vital elements in this statement that require mentioning. 

  •  Make an Impact in the Global Market   

As one of the global leaders in athletic footwear, apparel, and equipment, Adidas works with the world's best sports performers to deliver breakthrough products that help athletes reach their goals. Innovations include shoes and boots for ultimate performance, high-quality sportswear for training, and a wide range of classic and fashion items, such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and jackets. Also, Adidas takes pride in its comprehensive collection of accessories. 

  • Superior Quality   

Adidas is a global designer, developer, and marketer of athletic footwear, apparel, and accessories. Since its inception, the brand has created an identity associated with quality, performance, and style. Adidas is a highly athletic brand. It uses the best technology, advanced machinery, and exquisite quality materials in all its products.  

The brand experts also understand that there should be no compromise in quality, especially on the logo printed on fabrics. Most exciting, Adidas embraces sustainability by introducing biodegradable and recyclable polyester in 2021.  

  • Unique Designs   

Adidas is not just a sportswear company — it's a 'lifestyle brand' that aims to make perfect products that appeal to all kinds of people. In addition, they have a unique attachment with sports and aspire to become the leading athletic brand worldwide.  

More on this, every Adidas's strategy revolves around sports and international athletic events. This move has helped them gain new customers and interest and maintain their fan base. 

  • Capitalize on Athlete Performance   

The company's efforts to develop innovative footwear technology reflect the belief that improved performance in sports and fitness is the fastest route to bettering human health. Whether it's high-performance sportswear, an all-terrain running shoe, or a special hospital-grade medical boot, Adidas is advancing the forefront of what athletes need and bring to the competition. 

Mission Statement   

When it comes to envisioning your company's future, a mission statement is the 'why' behind your vision statement. It describes a company's purpose, what it exists to accomplish, and its goals. The mission statement of Adidas is to be an international leader in the sports industry, continuously improving its products to enhance its competitive edge.  

The Adidas Mission Statement focuses on inspiring and challenging employees, motivating customers, and encouraging partners to have the same vision: "To be the leading sports brand in the world." This method of inspiring others works towards accomplishing the core purpose of helping everyone become more active. While the statement is self-explanatory, these key points are fundamental in displaying the real meaning of what Adidas wishes to exhibit. 

  • Surpass Market Expectations   

As brands evolve and market share changes hands, brands should be willing to adapt. Adidas is a symbol of the pinnacle of athletic achievement. In short, they are exceptional at exceeding their market expectations in two key areas; customer service and customers' expectations of the product offering. This is vital if you want to be a market leader like Adidas. 

  • Improving Sports   

Adidas has inspired generations of sports world legends as a pioneer of sports performance products. In fact, Adidas has defined the industry and continues to innovate both on and off the court. However, it doesn't just stop at sports. Adidas's innovation is endless — from incorporating weather features to runner's shoes to biodegradable fabrics and much more.

  • Encourage People to Express Themselves   

Being a fashion brand, Adidas boasts some of the best social media campaigns. It is not unusual to find people taking photos of themselves in their Adidas sneakers or jerseys and posting them on social media with corresponding hashtags. In the long run, this demonstrates a unique personality through Adidas products.       

  • Promote Creativity and Innovation   

Perusing the pages of Adidas' website is exciting and relaxing. After all, creative images and videos are everywhere. T-shirts come alive with graphics in unexpected ways. We see how they create a cultural sensation around their sports models. As a result, social networks have grown to millions of followers recently. Remember, it's not just about sporting products but also the culture surrounding them. 

Adidas's Core Values   

Throughout Adidas's history, the company has grown with an ambitious quest to better athletes' performance. From the beginning, their core values revolve around passion, performance, diversity, and integrity. With this in mind, Adidas only employs individuals who believe in the power of sports. 

Furthermore, the best-qualified clothing experts and engineers concentrate on boosting product performance and competitiveness. More importantly, the workforce entails a reliable, honest, flexible, and adaptable team. Using these core values, the sportswear brand has become one of the most successful today. Currently, Adidas aims for 11% to 13% revenue growth in 2022 from $23.3 billion in 2022. 

Mind map   

It's time to ditch the presentation slides, Post-it notes, or bulky documents and switch to mind mapping. Mind mapping is a great way to explain the vision and mission of an organization thoroughly. The Map below makes information easily accessible, engaging, and memorable to the target audience. 

Key Takeaways   

Adidas is a company built on continuously breaking barriers and improving the sports culture. In short, the brand dwells on the belief of changing the world through sports. That explains the true meaning of Adidas's slogan, "Impossible is Nothing – Changing your lifestyle, your circumstances, your perspective; none of that is impossible." Through this motto, Adidas is constantly finding new ways to improve performance in training and play. It is such a relief that Adidas' vision and mission statements clarify the brand's willingness to share its knowledge about sports and how to enhance the experience. In their pursuit, one of the main competencies of Adidas is the consistency of creation. This touches on creating a unique identity through technology connected with the strategy and passion of customers.  

All in all, Adidas's vision is to use sport to achieve individual and social change. Beyond any doubt, Adidas focuses on winning and is only satisfied when they meet or exceed customer expectations. 

The Adidas comprehensive report showcase the vision and mission statements of the renowned brand. The description comprises elements associated with vision statements, mission statements, and core values. A well-defined mind map simplifies the entire experience in a direct and uncomplicated manner. 

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