Fillable Auto Repair Receipt (With Template)

Are you looking for an auto repair receipt and want to know how to fill it correctly? This guide will help you with both. Keep reading!


Receipts of any kind are pivotal for any business. Take an auto repair receipt; for example, it is a crucial document for both payee and payer. A receipt is a proof that the payer has sent money for an auto repair service, and the payee acknowledges receiving it. The payee provides the auto repair receipt to the payer after the payment settlement. 

What is an Auto Repair Receipt?

Simply put, a vehicle repair receipt, otherwise known as an auto repair receipt, is a written payment document confirming that the customer has received the service for their car and the payment has been made. Receipts help car owners determine that they have paid for the service and have not paid anything extra. 

What is the Difference Between a Receipt and an Invoice?

There are two different payment documents a car owner may receive when they go for a car servicing or repair. They are auto repair receipt and invoice. 

Understanding Invoices

An invoice is the first payment document that a customer receives. A company provides it to the customer when it's time to pay for a service or product. The invoice will have detailed information about the products or services the customer is going for and the total cost, including taxes. 

Since invoices are essential, you will see multiple fields in an invoice that must be filled. Some components you will have to fill out are- the customer's name, services/products, cost of each, date of issue, invoice number, the total amount to be paid, and a few other details. 

Tax will have to be included as well. Please note that an invoice is sent to a customer before receiving the payment, but after offering the service/products. 

Understanding Receipts 

Once the customer pays for the service or products, the company sends out another payment document known as a receipt. A receipt confirms that the company has received the money for the services or products offered. It is a proof of payment document.

In a receipt, you will see the invoice number, business details, the amount paid earlier (if applicable), balance amount, total amount, products or services name along with their individual cost, customer's name and contact information, and the signature of the authorized person. 

Both invoices and receipts are necessary, but they are different because one is issued before the payment and the latter is issued after the transaction. 

How to Create a Fillable Auto Receipt?

If you search the internet and type fillable auto repair receipts, you will come across many vehicle receipt templates. But beware of fake auto repair receipt free templatesNot every receipt template will be genuine, and the customers or the law may not even accept them. 

You can download a car repair receipt PDF document from this website and go on and fill it up. If you are searching for a car repair receipt sample, let us walk you through this step-by-step guide, which will enable you to fill it up appropriately.