Everything You Need to Know About Hotel Receipt Template

Do you want to see what a hotel receipt looks like and find out how to write it? Read this guide and find all your answers.


Just like any other industry, receipts are also essential for the hotel industry. Running a business is never easy, and receipts can help a hotel understand how many transactions are happening on a daily basis. A receipt is the proof of payment, which allows a customer to know about the amount they need to pay. And since the receipt is provided to a customer after the amount is paid, it works as an acknowledgement that the hotel has received the amount successfully. 

If you are running a hotel and want to know about the correct hotel receipt template, this guide will help you. Along with providing readers with a blank hotel receipt, we will also tell you how to fill one appropriately.

Why Use a Hotel Receipt?

The primary purpose of providing customers with hotel receipts is to document the payment. Receipts are required for internal accounting. A hotel receipt is also required for multiple other purposes. First, a receipt holds critical information about a customer. It becomes an effective tool in case a hotel wishes to communicate with the customer. 

Secondly, hotels need to do internal accounting. Receipts can help the hotel track revenue and sales accurately. Who wouldn't like to know how good a company is doing? And there's nothing better than receipts that can help you see a clear picture of your profit and loss statement. 

What is a Hotel Receipt 

Technically, a hotel receipt is proof of payment that the customer has paid the hotel dues and the hotel has received the payment. Any company doing a business must provide receipts to customers who have done business with them. This helps in keeping the hotel operational in a healthy way. A hotel receipt can be an e-document, a physical one, or sometimes both. 

A hotel receipt will have multiple components, which the hotel needs to fill. A few of the components that you will see are:

1.Date when you will issue the receipt. 

2.Receipt Number 

3.Hotel Name 

4.Phone Number 

5.Street Address 


7.Customer Name 

8.Customer's Company's Name 

9.Customer's Address

10.Customer's Contact Details 

11.Number of Rooms Taken

12.Price Per Night 

13.Number of Nights Stayed 

14.Additional Charges (if any)

15.Total amount 

These are some crucial information that must be included in a hotel receipt. 

Application of a Hotel Receipt

Although some hotels may use a different hotel receipt as a sample, hotel receipt formats will be more or less the same. Below, you will see a blank hotel bill receipt format you can use for your perusal. 

How to Write a Hotel Receipt?

In this part, we will discuss how to write a hotel receipt. Just go through the step-by-step instructions and learn how to write one. 

Step 1: Date and Receipt Number 

The first thing in the downloadable receipt that you will come across is the date and receipt number. The date will be the date when you will issue the receipt. In the place of the receipt number, just enter the receipt number, which is unique to the customer. 

Step 2: Hotel's Information

Just beside the date and receipt number, you will see some fields regarding the hotel. In this section, you need to enter your hotel's name and address, which will include city/state/and zip; then comes the hotel's contact details, including the hotel's phone number and email ID. 

The hotel's information can be printed already; else, you can manually fill it up. But the better thing would be to download this hotel receipt and make the necessary changes, such as the hotel information because otherwise, you will have to repeatedly enter your hotel details and then fill the rest with the details manually. This will help you write less. 

Step 3: Customer's Information 

This section is for the customer who has stayed in the hotel. The customer's name needs to be there along with the customer's address, which should have a street name, city/state/zip, and contact details, such as phone number and email ID. Ensure that each detail is rightly entered. And discrepancy in the receipt can make the receipt void. 

Step 4: Hotel Charges 

This is another crucial component of a hotel receipt that you should be careful about. Fill it up very carefully. You will see a table below the customer's detail section. In here, you need to enter the room number where the customer has stayed, per night charge, so, under the price/night section, you will only mention one night's expense, then the number of nights the customer has stayed, so if it is 2, you will right 2, if it is 5, you will write 5, like that. 

After that, there will be an additional charges section. This section will have other charges which are beyond the room charge. Let's assume that the customer has asked for laundry service, which they need to pay; the amount for that service will go here. Then, you will do the total of everything and write in the total column. Once done, come to the subtotal section where you need to add the total and number of nights the customer has stayed. 

Below, you will see the sales tax section where you need to enter the service tax in percentage. Finally, in the total amount, add the subtotal amount and the sales tax amount and write it there. 

Just like the rest of the section, double-check the hotel charges you have filled. If you are unsure about a few things, talk to someone who can help you understand better. This is the section that's most crucial for bookkeeping. You need to know how much money and what a customer has paid you for. Moreover, this section will help you tally later when it comes to profit and loss statements. 

Step 5: Payment Method

In the payment method section, you need to choose the customer's preferred method. There will be a card, check, cash, and others option. Opt for one and enter the details. So, if the customer has paid by card, you need to enter the card number; in the case of a check, you need to enter the check number, and if cash, just choose that box. However, if there's any other mode of payment, you need to write the method of payment's name in the other section.


So, now you know what a hotel bill receipt format looks like and how to fill it up. This guide has walked you through all the sections you need to take care of. We will recommend gathering all the information before you proceed to fill out the receipt. For example, have the details of the charges in one place and get the customer's details as well. Double-check with your staff about the additional charges because you shouldn't miss out on any charges the customer needs to pay. 

Also, download a legit hotel receipt format, which is easy to understand and fill, for example, the one we have provided you. As you can see, all the sections are self-explanatory.