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Unilever Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

An all-inclusive Unilever mission and vision analysis with a holistic overview of the company's operational setup

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Being a multinational company founded almost 100 years ago, Unilever has a rich history with a global footprint to cater to. The company is headquartered in Rotterdam and London. It has over 400 brands depicting its wide and highly diverse brand portfolio that caters to customers from all niches. The company was one of the first-ever multinationals founded in the 1930s, which later expanded to the US. The company started its first factory in the subcontinent in 1940 and later expanded to the Middle East and South Asia. Its mission and vision depict its aim to grow and expand beyond bonders, serve the customers regardless of prejudice, and offer products that cater to every individual's needs irrespective of color, age, and sex. The article will explore the Unilever mission statement and Unilever vision statement to highlight what the company has done right to expand to 190 countries. Explore through the analysis of the Unilever mission and vision to replicate its aims and visions and succeed. 

Mission Statement

The company kicks it off with the Unilever mission statement by stating that it aims “ To divulge energy and vigor to grow.” The main reason behind this short and precise mission statement is the consumer market in which the company has been operating. The company offers health care, wellness and sanitation, nutrition, cleanliness, and hygiene products. It allows people to live a better life and live in a way that makes life way more sustainable, healthy, and worth living. The emphasis of Unilever's mission statement is on the fact that it aims to serve customers in all spheres of life. 

Its key features are: 

  • Enhancing the life's vigor and energy 
  • Offering customers products that suffice their daily nutritional, hygienic, and personal care needs
  • Aiding customers in feeling better, looking healthier, and living a superb life 

The Unilever mission statement states that in adding energy to life, it aims to expand its business strategy by adding value to the lives of all the stakeholders. From liveliness and vigor to vivacity and nutritional efficacy, Unilever aims to do everything for consumers. 

Vision Statement

Regarding the corporate vision, the think-tank at Unilever has been smart enough to cater to the changing needs of the modern globalized world, which needs sustainable practices. 

The Unilever vision statement states that the company aims “To make sustainable living conventional to flourish our business.” The statement has been focused on incorporating sustainable practice in the business operation from manufacturing to the consumers. The major aspects which are highlighted in the Unilever vision statement are as follows: 

  •  Usual and conventional sustainable practices in the workplaces
  •  Incredible long-term strategy for the growth of the business 
  •  Business growth and expansion are a priority 

When the company says that they want to make sustainable living a commonplace practice, it lays focus on the fact that it is one of the core visions and signifies the company's efforts to comply with the sustainable practices happening all over the globe. The company aims to change its business operations with sustainable means, such as bringing in more sustainable packaging designs and resourcing home care and personal care products. Unilever is committed to the Zero plastic pledge and has been making efforts to reduce plastic waste. 

Unilever values the needs of the current world where climate change has been causing drastic impacts and is committed to common place sustainability. Secondly, the company sees the scope and the relation of sustainability with long-term growth. It focuses on the reduction in overall costs of production. The company’s corporate social responsibility strategy is also aligned with its vision which addresses the concerns of the stakeholders in terms of business operations. 

Core Values

Unilever believes that it is the company's team that makes it possible for the company to live as per the Unilever Code of Business Principles. The company has shared some of its common values, making it a favorite place for workers to work and consumers to shop. From employees, investors, retailers, and consumers, all stakeholders make the company alive, and the company emphasizes the compliance of these values for all stakeholders. 

  •  Honesty and Integrity
  •  Respect
  •  Obligation 
  •  Revolutionary 

Unilever has grown robust in the current competitive world due to its commitment to ethical business practices. The company has been ensuring that all the employee-based responsibilities, including incentives, bonuses, assisting, and engaging the skillful personnel, are fulfilled. The company further focuses on selecting and retaining excellent suppliers and distributors. The company has aimed to safeguard its employees, resources, brand image, and stakeholder relationships. The aspect of respect and understanding has been very high, making it easy for the company to operate in this corporate world and achieve a long-term growth strategy.

Unilever Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

The Unilever mission and vision statement analysis mind map depict who the company has been focusing on the growth and expansion while ensuring that sustainable practices are prioritized. There is a need for the company to ensure that it involves more transparency in its practices.

Unilever Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

Figure 1 Unilever Mission and Vision statement analysis

Key Takeaways

Unilever Mission and Vision Statement Analysis reports are downloadable in PDF. It reflects that Uber still has a long way to go and more markets to conquer. With sustainable practices, focus on innovation and research, diversity in products, and CSR practices, the company can strengthen its mission and goals for the future to secure its success. 

Download the report 

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