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A resume of any profession is crucial as before your physical presence; the document reaches your recruiter. If they find your resume does not meet the parameters and the quality they’re looking for, it will go to the recycle bin straight away. So, if you want to select your favorite institute as a teacher and want to create a teacher resume, follow the instructions we are providing. We will guide you throughout the journey from how to make an outstanding resume and various tips on this topic.  

A resume displays your credibility, whether you’re the fittest for the said job role. Before the interview, the information you share will influence and decide whether you can crack the nut or not. As a teacher's resume would display your integrity for the job role, you need to organize and brief all the details in proper order.  

The teaching profession starts with Elementary Teacher. If you plan to apply for an Elementary teaching job, follow the Elementary Teacher resume template and the tips we provide.  

Elementary Teacher Resume Template ( For Grade 1 to 6) 

Elementary Teacher Resume Template 

Why does the Resume work? Tips for Elementary Teaching Resume 

As Elementary teaching is the base or to create fundamental teaching, you can follow the above template. Why the resume will work because it includes:  

  • Your previous work experience should be highlighted as it will establish that you are well experienced in handling and taking care of the organization's tiny tots. 
  • Mention which grades you can previously teach. 
  • If you supervise, the maximum numbers of students mention there to catch their attention. 
  • Mention your skills and how many teaching-learning aids you can use to explain the subject line better. 
  • A recruiter or school principal will check how many students you can manage and prioritize the resume that displays a number that is possible to manage.  

High School Teacher Resume Template  

                         High School Teacher Resume Template 

Why does the resume work? A few Tips

High school teacher grades cover upper classes, including grade 9 to grade 12. The resume principal verifies your educational qualifications, expertise in subjects, skill set for classroom theory, and practical experience in high school. This resume will work because: 

  • It highlights personal and professional skills that help students to build the confidence in them 
  • Clear the Personal summary and brief your achievements 
  • Highlights previous work experience 
  • In Personal skills, remember to add the practical communication skills that help build a bond with your students 
  • Mention all your relevant information in concise form 

Teacher Assistant Resume Template 

Teacher Assistant Resume Template

Why does the resume work? A few Tips  

Teacher Assistant is an important job title. So does the resume. Remember when you enter your information, make sure they're the best skills and your qualifications.  

Your resume must include the following points: 

  • In the Teacher Assistant title, your objective should be mentioned first.  
  • The professional experience highlighted and mentioned your award or excellence level 
  • Remember to focus on your core area, your interpersonal communication skill that helps to communicate effectively 
  • Mention certificate course or any other training or workshop you've attended along with pass out years 

Middle school Resume Template

Middle school Resume Template

Why does the resume work? A few Tips

A middle school resume should include expertise, subjective knowledge, experience, skills, and achievement or excellence award. The summary consists of a few central areas like: 

  • Previous work experience 
  • Must include how you manage the adolescents and handle them with proper care 
  • Educational qualifications must be highlighted.  
  • How you're equipped with teaching-learning aids, and if you know how to use technology in classroom teaching, you must share the information. 
  • Your lesson plan strategy can be highlighted in which you can evaluate students' strengths. 

Substitute Teacher Resume Template

                Substitute Teacher Resume Template       

Why does the resume work? A few Tips

In every institution, there's a substitute teacher to manage the classes for every subject. The substitute teacher resume template is different from other conventional teacher resumes, and you can highlight: 

  • Your previous work experience as a substitute teacher 
  • Your quick alignment power to cope with the kids. It's a skill, and you can include it in your skillset. 
  • Your certification or extra curriculum courses that help build the bond with the children will grab the attention of your principal. 

AP English Teacher Resume Template

AP English Teacher Resume Template

Why does the resume template works? A few tips

English subject teacher resume includes subject knowledge and storytelling power. As in English, the majority part included literature; the teacher can consist of storytelling skills in the skill category. You can include: 

  • Career summary and educational qualifications can both attract the principal. 
  • Like a theory subject, English needs the particular skill of listening and storytelling; don't forget to mention how you're good at these skills. 
  • You can mention yourself as a tutor and continue with those interested students. They are keen on English literature as an extra class.  

High School History Teacher Resume Template

   High school History teacher resume Template  

Why does the resume work? A few tips

The history teacher's resume will be slightly different. The information displayed on the resume document follows a reverse-chronological format. You can include:

  • You must emphasize on work history as a high school teacher.
  • Show your skills in demonstrating the previous history through interactive classroom management.
  • A professional summary can include your years of experience as a high school history teacher and subjective knowledge.
  • The practical communication skill that students feel to communicate with you to gain knowledge about years old history and classics of the countries.

A Key Notes on what to include in Teacher Resume?

If you edit any teacher resume template or prepare any teacher resume, remember the following points to include. Despite grades, level, and fresher or newbie, your teacher resume must consist of the below points to give the document a professional look:

1. Address: Mention your address, contact details, and mail id

2. Summary: A brief overview of your candidature ( For high school and Teacher Assistants, career objective must be included)  

3. Experience: Here, you must include your previous work experience.  

Mention the name of the schools you've worked previously 

4. Qualifications: Mention your Qualifications and degrees clearly 

5. Key Responsibility: kind of role you have played 

6. Achievement: Mention in the bold letter your achievement and your contribution to your previous schools 

7. Skills: Focus on these skills and mention:  

  • Classroom management 
  • Lesson and curriculum planning 
  • Effective interaction with students 
  • Compassion and Empathy  
  • A True guide to your Students 

8. Courses and Certificates: Other than school, and college degrees, if you have any other course certificates mentioned here. 

How to Format your Resume?

Resume Formatting is another vital part that must be readable, logical, and complete with relevant information. Make sure the data is structured, and when opening the document, one can read aptly.  

The dignified profession must follow standard formats to display the career objective. The three common resume formats are: 

  • Reverse-chronological 
  • Functional 
  • Combination or Hybrid 

Among these three formats, the Reverse-chronological format is advisable for teacher resume. Because in this format, you can include professional knowledge and experience and career objective in a concise manner. The principal will take six seconds to read what you organize in the resume document.  

More tips on teacher resume

Here are a few more points you must remember while entering the information about your teaching journey: 

  • A one-page resume is always preferable to the principal because you concisely enter all the relevant information. 
  • Select your file type as pdf because the page layout will never be changed being accessed from any device 
  • Font size and font selection are essential because the font and its size help the principal to read the data you enter. 
  • Margins must maintain a standard format and align the resume concisely. 
  • White space should include breaking the monotonous reading. It'll give the eye a rest which helps to read and understand what is mentioned in the document. 
  • The header contains not only the address but includes the job title you're applying for 
  • Follow the logical order to organize all the essential information you want to display on the resume page. 
  • Select the skill keywords that match the job title description

List of Skills for Teacher Resume

The teaching profession is skill-based which you must incorporate as per your qualifications, the grades for which you apply, and it demonstrates your years of experience. The below skills list is impressive and can increase your job credibility: 

  • Communication skill 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Classroom management 
  • Lesson planning and evaluation 
  • Blackboard usage 
  • Teaching Learning aids 
  • Google Classroom management 
  • Interpersonal skill 
  • Effective communication with parents 
  • Empathy 
  • Organizational skills 
  • Conflict management 
  • Optimistic Solution 
  • Time Management 
  • Behavior Analytical skill 

How to edit the teacher's resume?

Once you create your teacher resume, and if you need to add something or remove any part, try PDFAgile pdf editor. Because once you save the file in pdf, you need an expert pdf tool like PDFAgile to edit the resume further. The software offers a vast range of editing options you can accomplish in your resume. The tool understands your urgency, and therefore, the editing options are impressive.  

You can do the following editing with PDF Agile:  

  • You can enlarge the page size if you feel the size does not fit your resume. 
  • If you forget to highlight the core section of your resume, you can do it. 
  • If you miss putting the page number, you can add it easily. 
  • If your resume page gets scrambled, the tool will help to rearrange the pages. 
  • If your resume is a little lengthy, you can merge the other pages or files and create a single pdf. 
  • If you want to highlight a specific area in your resume, you can go for it. 
  • Suppose you're a language teacher and want to submit your resume in different languages you've command over them. In that case, the tool offers translation mode and quickly switches from one language to another in your pdf file. 
  • If you're an art and craft teacher, you can edit your resume and make an attractive background color theme to show your creativity and be colorful while presenting your resume. 

These are the edit options available with PDFAgile you can attempt before submitting your resume. 

You can install the tool on your system and edit your resume anytime. But remember, don't submit the document without final editing.  

Wrap up 

The teaching profession is an engaging job that continuously involves interaction with students, teachers, principals, and parents. You must be a creative and highly energetic person to fit into the role. Prepare the teacher resume that reflects your overall personality, achievement, experience, qualifications, and many more aspects that prove you the fittest candidate for the institution. Remember to stay loyal when you enter the details about your candidature in the teacher resume. And submit the resume after final editing and review in the PDF Agile pdf tool.

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