Narrative Writing Graphic Organizer

If you want to be creative in the narrative writing field, then the narrative writing graphic organizer PDF template is for you. You learn a lot from this free narrative writing graphic organizer template.


What is a narrative writing graphic organizer?  

If someone wants to organize their thought process and gather their ideas to start writing narratives, they are going in the correct direction. The narrative writing graphic organizer helps to do exactly that.  

It helps the writer to explore their ideas so that they can write something that is uniquely theirs. This narrative writing graphic organizer takes the stress away from creative writers as they help plan the current and the future projects.  

They let the writer think of small pieces of ideas and then help the writer to put them together. 

  • Narrative writing graphic organizer helps by creating small chunks of ideas from a large one to make them easy to understand. 
  • You can develop skills like brainstorming ideas. 
  • You can use their template to create necessary personal narratives. 
  • You can also use their interactive worksheet template

narrative-writing-graphic-organizer-pdf-download.pngBenefits of narrative writing graphic organizer: 

Different graphic organizer templates for narrative writing allow everyone, everywhere teach, learn and take notes.  

The writers, teachers, and students use this graphic organizer during narrative writing. It helps them to fulfill their individual needs. You can create these pretty easily. Moreover, they significantly simplify information and ideas. 

  • Creative writers can use narrative writing graphic organizer PDF as a tool to bring out ideas for their narratives. 
  • Writers can use narrative writing graphic organizer PDF to sort out their current projects and brainstorm ideas for future projects. 
  • If you are a content or creative writer, you are under enough stress, the same goes for the teachers and students, and by using narrative writing graphic organizer PDF, they can get rid of their stress. 
  • The narrative writing graphic organizer PDF mainly breaks down large pieces of work into smaller ones. Hence, there is no issue while understanding the narrative. 
  • A narrative writer can think about the problems they face in the future by using a narrative writing graphic organizer PDF. Moreover, they can also prepare solutions for the previously expected issues. 

How to use a narrative writing graphic organizer? 

Subjects: Creative Writing 

Grades: 10th Standard 

How to use a narrative writing graphic organizer in education? 

Step 1: Before using the narrative writing graphic organizer, we need to find an interesting title for the story we want to write. The title should be catchy enough to attract the reader's attention, and they get excited to read our story. A title says a lot about the creative piece. 

Step 2: After that, we need to use descriptive language to describe the setting, theme, and atmosphere of the story. We can use the narrative writing graphic organizer for this. A good story always has an equally exciting backdrop and setting. Writing the whole story is a mess if these fail to gain the reader's attention. Hence, writers can use a narrative writing graphic organizer to separate the story, atmosphere, and theme. 

Step 3: Next comes the plot. First, explain what is going on at the beginning of your story elaborately and how you want to place the following events one after the other. Use the narrative writing graphic organizer tool at this stage. Without a well-thought-out plot, everything will not fall into place in the story. It is the stepping stone for all the ideas you will put together later. 

Step 4: Now, focus on the character(s). There can be one character or a broad range of characters, giving several vibes of different kinds, but they should all go well with the story. The characters need to be relatable for the readers because reading something you cannot relate to is never very attractive. 

Step 5: Finally comes the most intriguing part of writing a story. Whether it is a romantic comedy or a tragedy-based piece, there needs to be a central motif behind writing the story, which is the main conflict mentioned there. Prepare the beginning and the ending of the narrative based on this conflict. Events leading to this conflict and events that will solve the problem are the most important things. 

Step 6: The characters need to link appropriately to the point of conflict. They should have some believable yet exciting tricks up their sleeves to sort out the problem. 

Step 7: The character's emotions while dealing with the conflict can be the real tear-jerker in the whole story so that the readers feel emotionally attached to it spiritually. You can use the narrative writing graphic organizer template and distinctly explain the emotions before presenting it to the readers. 

Step 8: You should write the story, and none of the paragraphs should repeat any previously mentioned ideas. Every one of them should have its unique event so that the readers never get bored throughout the story. 

Step 9: The ending should depend on the genre of the story we will decide to write. The ending needs to be happy if it's a romantic comedy. It will not follow the rules of a comedy if it's tragic. 

Step 10: The language you will use in the story should be easy enough for the readers so that readers of any age can enjoy the story. 

Free narrative writing graphic organizer PDF template download

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Narrative Writing Graphic Organizer

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