Summary Graphic Organizer Template

Empower student learning with summary graphic organizers that allows them to focus on the main idea and the key details of narrative text or topic and create a complete summary in a proper event sequence.


What is a Summary Graphic Organizer?

A summary graphic organizer helps students summarize narrative texts, stories, essays, topics, fiction, and plots with a proper sequence of events, supporting details, and main ideas. Organizing and visually representing information improve a student's learning. Summary graphic organizers allow students to record and summarize information however they want. It helps them improve their reading skills and comprehension of any topic or text. Students also learn how to retain information and use it to generate ideas. 

Educators prefer using summary graphic organizer pdf to improve students learning as it helps them understand critical details of longer texts and avoid an overload of information. Students quickly understand the text's main idea and supporting elements and the connection between each event in a proper sequence. A summary is a compiled sheet containing the main idea and the supporting details of any topic. With this graphic organizer, students can break down the long text to make it simple for better comprehension.

Benefits of Summarizing Graphic Organizer

A summary graphic organizer is a helping tool for students that allows them to understand the main idea, sequence of events, and supporting details in any text or topic. It provides a simple framework that helps them read, understand, and identify critical details about any topic. They combine those details to create a complete summary explaining the text. Here are the benefits of using summary graphic organizers.

  • Summary graphic organizers help students improve their writing skills by learning new words and phrases and analyzing narrative text to find its main idea and critical details. It helps them understand the proper writing methodology and correct use of words. It also teaches them to quickly find key points from any topic or text and use them to create their own writing.
  • Understanding critical information about a topic or text is easier than retaining it and using it to construct sentences or create a complete summary. Summary graphic organizers help students learn the key details and phrases instead of the complete text, which improves retention.
  • Students use summary graphic organizers to improve their reading skills and understanding of the text by splitting the complete topic into smaller bits while focusing on the main idea and critical details. It gives them a better comprehension of the topic so they can remember it in simpler wording.
  • Summary graphic organizers work for any content area, and students can use them to learn narrative writing, understand math or science concepts, and improve self-learning. It teaches them various cognitive skills like mind mapping, critical thinking, and brainstorming. 

How to Use Summary Graphic Organizer

You can easily summarize any type of content with various kinds of summary graphic organizers. You can create a summary map with the five Ws representing five questions about the events and main conflict of a text. You can use it to summarize interesting bits and important information and even separate big ideas in the text. You can also use the Q chart summary chart to read the text in a sequence and right the key points you find in a table. Here is how you can use summary graphic organizers. 

STEP 1: First, select a summary graphic organizer template and customize it. There are various types of summary chart templates that you can use to summarize plots, stories, narrative text, and books. Some templates are best for summarizing text, while some are better for understanding complex concepts. Download from PDF Agile Templates Community and personalize your template according to your requirements.

STEP 2:  The summary starts with the title and author’s name. Next is a box where you write the major characters in the text or story. After you write the main characters, you must write the setting, where, when, and why the story occurs. Explain the timeline of the story according to the sequence of events.

STEP 3: After that, you write the main idea or main conflict in the text or story. The main idea is usually short, with only two or three sentences only delivering the central purpose of the writing. After the main idea, you write the main events or supporting details in a list of three boxes which helps you understand the text quickly to create a summary. 

STEP 4: In the last section, you combine the above-written information to create a complete summary of the topic in a proper event sequence to write the solution about how the main conflict was resolved. The summary section combines all the critical phrases and concepts in a simplified text explanation. Summarizing a narrative text is the best way to explain it in simple words.

Free Printable Summary Graphic Organizer PDF Template Download

A pdf editor allows users to download and edit pdf templates quickly. It is also the best tool for creating personalized summary graphic organizers. You can use PDF Agile to edit summary graphic organizer templates after getting free printable graphic organizer templates and using its professional tools to edit pdf files and templates like a pro. PDF Agile allows you to edit, merge, convert quickly, and compress PDF documents. You can convert files from PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, TXT, image, and CAD formats.

Summary Graphic Organizer Template

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