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Create a well-structured paragraph with a hamburger graphic organizer PDF. Teach children to analyze the subject better and generate unique articles.


What is a hamburger graphic organizer? 

A hamburger graphic organizer PDF plays an important role when the children learn writing or paragraphing.  

It is a graphic organizer type that represents the key points or lead idea of the paragraphs of an essay. These points stand for different ingredients of the hamburger. The paragraphs are appropriately structured to create an ideal essay. 

The structure of a hamburger graphic organizer has multiple parts, including the topic sentence, details, and closing statement. A hamburger paragraph writing model has the following sections: 

  • The top bun: The topic sentence represents the central theme of the upcoming paragraphs. 
  • The middle ingredients: The part in the middle explaining the topic sentence and supporting it. Add topics related to the details, reasons, and other significant segments. 
  • The bottom bun: This is the concluding paragraph of the writing. 

A hamburger organizer is a necessary writing technique widely used by the students to create a topic-focused, detailed, and organized article.  

hamburger-graphic-organizer-pdf-download.pngBenefits of hamburger paragraph writing 

When it comes to expressing an idea, it can be made easy with the help of a graphic organizer. Some of the benefits of the hamburger graphic organizer are the following: 

  • A hamburger graphic organizer allows you to show the cohesive structure of an essay separated into multiple topics. The middle part of the organizer explains the crucial idea with other necessary details.  
  • It is a visual tool that makes understanding and subject analysis easy.  
  • Besides comprehending the topic, the paragraphs also show the relationship between themselves. The children can use hamburger graphic organizers for learning.  
  • They are also beneficial for children with special needs. The comprehension becomes easy as the hamburger paragraph writing models allow a person to represent the content visually.  
  • The Hamburger graphic organizer PDFs can help separate a complex idea into minute parts based on its subject. Thus, making it easy to understand. Hamburger graphic organizer PDFs help teach children the basics of writing and paragraphing and may also help develop cognitive skills. 

How to use a hamburger writing template? 

Use Hamburger writing templates to write an essay on a topic, and the paragraphs can be designed based on the model.  

The children learning to compose a write-up can use this hamburger paragraph and writing models. There can be subjects related to science, arts, geography, and history that have an analysis of timeline.  

Explaining these sorts of topics to students becomes easier with hamburger writing templates.  

Here is a topic to explain the hamburger graphic organizer and its use in a paragraph. 

How to use a hamburger graphic organizer in education? 

Subjects: Amphibians, writing 

Grades: Seventh 

In education, students widely use a hamburger graphic organizer PDF. It improves the understanding and comprehension of a topic as the students learn how to design their essays or articles. While following the hamburger paragraph writing model, several steps of composing a paragraph are there. You can use the following steps to write a paragraph on Amphibians using a hamburger writing template: 

Step 1: To start with the essay, you should consider its theme well. Construct the introduction to fit the requirements if it is a scientific or historical article. If you are writing a paragraph on Amphibians, the introduction should consist of information about their name, nature, species, etcetera. In the hamburger model, the top bun represents the topic sentence. You can add the central theme of the essay in this part.  

Step 2: After the top bun, the layers of ingredients of the hamburger represent the details about the topics. In this part of a paragraph, you need to add the most prominent subject details. For example, the essay Amphibians can have some crucial features like blood type, habitat, food habit, etcetera as the second layer of the hamburger. You can add the keywords of the main features of the Class Amphibian in the hamburger writing template.  

Step 3: The third layer of the mid-layer needs information relevant to the essay, but you can classify them as less important than the information given in the first paragraph. Design this part of the essay per the choice of the user. This section needs to be cohesive with the first and third paragraphs based on the timeline for historical articles. You can sort the topics mentioned in this part, maintaining the topic coherence for scientific or other article types. Identify the predators, dangers, and other unfavorable environmental conditions that put the class at risk.  

Step 4:  Refer to the additional details about the topic in the fourth layer of an essay. It is the paragraph where the user needs to wrap up their discussion. If the article was argumentative, this part must have the resolution, or the observation, decision of the writer, etcetera. You must add the keywords of the article in this layer. The write-up on Amphibians should have names of the commonly found or rare species with their habitats. 

Step 5: The bottom bun of the hamburger paragraph writing model represents the article conclusion. This part of the essay can be a roundup of the topic, observation, result of an analysis, etcetera. To conclude the essay on Amphibians, you can add the scientific projects that aim to protect and preserve the endangered species of amphibians. 

Free printable hamburger graphic organizer PDF template download 

Use a printable hamburger graphic organizer PDF to create the outline of your article and develop a well-structured essay while maintaining the coherent relationship between the paragraphs.   It will assist you in understanding the topic well. Once you are satisfied with your hamburger graphic organizer PDF, you can convert the file into multiple other formats, including Excel, and ppt, with the help of PDF Agile. The tool is easy to use, and you will have a smooth experience working on your graphic organizer.  Find more graphic organizer PDF templates in PDF Agile Templates Center. 

Hamburger Graphic Organizer PDF Template

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