Character Trait Graphic Organizer

Want to analyze characters, especially from a story, and see how much a character's development took place or if a character didn't change at all, then you can use the character trait graphic organizer PDF template.


What is a character trait graphic organizer? 

A character trait graphic organizer PDF is a template where characters analysis starts from the beginning of a story till the end of it. If you want to check to suppose three characters of a drama and see how much development they went through, use this character trait graphic organizer PDF template. These organizers are more useful when one of the characters goes through a dramatic change, and you can notice that change through the template. You can focus on the main character and show the crucial changes it has gone through. Whether those are drastic or not doesn't matter. 

The character trait graphic organizer can break any vital information into smaller ideas. 

These graphic organizers can simplify complex information to make it easier for students. 

You can use a character trait graphic organizer PDF to make students learn how to figure out character traits. character-trait-graphic-organizer-pdf-download.png

Benefits of character trait graphic organizer 

Teaching, learning, or understanding any idea, if it is complex, can be a hard nut to crack. It gets even more complicated if you do not know what makes learning for students smoother.  

Graphic organizers are one of the best tools that you can use to make the whole process easier. We all know that visual representation of a particular subject makes it easier for anyone to keep in mind, and graphic organizers do nothing but that.  

Graphic organizers have their ways of visual representation that helps the students remember things easily and helps teachers to teach complex ideas smoothly.  

In the case of a character analysis, graphic organizer in high school makes learning stories from literature and remembering the characters and their developments easier. For instance, suppose you are reading a play by Shakespeare, and it is challenging to remember all the characters of that particular play because Shakespeare had the habit of using a plethora of characters where each of them has its traits that change with situations.  

So, with the help of the character trait graphic organizer PDF, you will be able to first focus on all the main characters. You can figure out their key personality traits or physical traits, and then you can again use the template for minor characters, and sometimes some of the minor characters can play a primary role in the shift of the whole plot of the story.  

So, you can figure out crucial information like these with the organizer and break down your work into smaller bits. 

Use the character traits graphic organizer PDF as a template for learning as a visual representation of any complex idea that is easier to understand when visualized. 

If you have complex character traits in a story or drama or are getting confused between two similar characters, you can use the character traits graphic organizer PDF. Thus, making it easier for you to remember all the characters and their significance in the story. 

This method of teaching also makes learning exciting and fun for students and becomes less boring for teachers as they continuously teach the same things to students. 

Character traits graphic organizer PDF helps kids distinguish between the physical features of a character and their personality traits, as multiple characters can confuse them. 

They learn to pick out the main points where they need to distinguish between the protagonist and the antagonist, as characters are crucial features capable of making your story fascinating. Thus, in return, it makes them good writers in the future. 

How to use the Character Trait Graphic Organizer? 

Subjects: English Literature 

Grades: 8th standard 

Steps to using a character trait graphic organizer in education: 

Step 1: The first part is to figure out the characters that you want to analyze in the first place. It can be one character or several characters. You want to have an analysis all at once. Thus, use charts with their names on them. Hence, it becomes easier for you to write their traits under their names. 

Step 2: Once you have decided on the characters you want to work with, you need to focus on the traits of these characters, which are obvious to you at the beginning of the story. Finding a particular character trait can be a big deal. 

Step 3: After figuring out the traits that you want to talk about of a particular character, it can be their physical traits, it can be their characteristic traits, or some traits basing off of a specific action. Then you need to give textual evidence proving your point that the particular character has those traits that you have already mentioned. 

Step 4: Once you complete, you need to keep track of all the significant incidences happening in that particular character's life. After that, you need to note the changes in their character trait because of that specific event.  

Step 5: Finally, when you finish writing about all the traits and the changes that took place in the story span for the character or characters, you see a clear distinction, and it helps you analyze the characters like you wanted to in the first place. 

Free printable character trait graphic organizer PDF template download 

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Character Trait Graphic Organizer Template

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