Zara Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

A Detailed Analysis of the Mission and Vision Statements of Zara Corporation

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Zara is a fashion retail brand founded in Galicia, Spain in 1975. The multinational fashion brand was initially started by Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera as a little clothing shop in Arteixo, Spain. In the last decade, Zara has entered the international market for retail fashion and expanded very fast. New outlets in major cities around the world were formed, and today it is one of the biggest fashion powerhouses. Zara Apparel Corporation is recognized as a leading fashion brand around the world. The company maintains this image through the passionate implementation of its focused mission and vision statements. The fashion company trades in multiple variations of fashion that include perfumes, beautiful ornaments, shoes, and clothing. Since its formation in 1975, Zara has focused on using its mission and vision statements, giving the company huge growth and success. In the global fashion industry, Zara is known all over, and it has a huge market share that has been cultivated over time. 


Mission Statement

Zara has set a clear, straightforward, and simple mission statement to guide its progress. The vision statement states that Zara has to work to “give customers what they want, and get it to them faster than anyone else”. Zara has followed this vision statement by ensuring that it gives the following:

  • Identifies the preferences of the market 
  • It improves people’s tastes and overall life 
  •  It produces fashionable products 

Zara’s mission statement shows that the company has the aim of catering to the wants, interests, and likes of people instead of just producing its products and pushing them in the market. The first part of the mission statement shows that the company listens to customer feedback and implements the information. Zara puts a lot of time and effort into conducting market analysis and learning about the wants and preferences of the public. This information is taken and applied in the designing of new Zara products in a continuous sequence. This tactic has made Zara very different from its competing fashion brands. This is because other fashion brands do not take note of what customers prefer or do not prefer. 

Zara produces distinguished products that meet the needs and demands of its customers. By doing so, the company improves the lives of people who buy its products. Customers, therefore, end up becoming loyal because they feel that the Zara products are meant for them. Zara has built this loyalty and acquired a huge customer following and market share.  

Zara upholds its mission statement by using a unique supply chain to distribute its products. The supply chain delivers products at a faster rate all over the international fashion market. Based on factual analysis, the Zara production line is also very fast. The company takes a short time to complete multiple designs. Zara has implemented a fast fashion strategy. 

Vision Statement A vision statement is the outline of the long-term goals of a company. A vision statement has to target the objectives of a company, and it has to be straightforward. Zara has a clear Vision statement that aims to “contribute to the sustainable development of society and that of the environment with which we interact.” This vision statement shows how Zara prioritizes the wellness of society and the environment. This includes: 

  • Societal development 
  • Environmental Sustainability 

Zara implements societal development through a dedicated corporate social responsibility. The company implements strategic campaigns to improve the lives of people. The campaigns are support programs that give back to society. Zara has also focused on promoting the environment through active awareness campaigns. The company supports multiple environmentally-conscious programs that fight against the use of plastics and unnecessary labeling on clothes. The entire design, manufacturing, and distribution process used by Zara are entirely free of toxic waste. 

Core Values 

Zara has set its core values to be guided by the principles of “beauty, clarity, functionality, and sustainability. These four principles guide the company in making comprehensive business decisions and even in the day-to-day running of the business. 

Zara is guided by the principle of beauty in the fashion industry. The company ensures that aesthetics are well utilized and appreciated in the making of its products. 

Zara ensures clarity in all aspects of its communication, both on social media and the shop outlets. 

Zara ensures that all of its goods and services are functional. This means that the clothes are wearable in all conditions and not only on the runways where they are displayed. 

The Zara brand has cultivated the image of sustainability in all areas of operation. The company has even set up eco-stores and ensured the production process is free of toxic waste. 

Zara Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map 

Zara has been able to achieve marked success in the market because of its vision and mission statement as well as its core values. These are the principles that define every marketing decision enacted by the Zara brand. Zara’s mission statement involves analyzing the market and getting the preference of customers. It also involves a fast fashion strategy where products are produced at a high rate and distributed to customers at a high rate. 

The vision statement shows that Zara is committed to societal and economic development. 

The Spanish apparel brand, Zara, uses these statements and values to ensure that it is never far from our ears. Zara products are known for their high-end looks. They are sold at affordable prices and in numerous charismatic designs. The entire marketing approach has helped the Zara brand redefine the entire fashion industry. 

Key Takeaways 

Zara’s mission statement, vision statement, and core values define the entire strategy used to market the brand. The vision and mission statements show the path that the company takes in its operations. Every company has to implement a detailed SWOT to see the position of the business in the market. Through this analysis, Zara can assess its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for changing the threats that the company faces.  

These vision and mission statements are very useful even to other companies, especially startups. Zara is a leader in showing businesses how to create their mission and vision statements. For new businesses that are starting up, formulating these statements and values can be a major challenge. This is why we recommend using PDF Agile software when creating your entire PDF format. 

Once you download the PDF Agile software, you instantly get access to numerous templates that you can use as well as advanced tools to format your report. By using this software, you will be able to create better reports designed to keep you on the right track while running your business. 


Zara Mission and Vision Statement Analysis   

Zara Mission and Vision Statements Analysis,company%20has%20been%20so%20fruitful.   

Zara’s Mission Statement And Vision Analysis 2021   

Zara Mission Statement & Vision Statement   

Zara Mission Statement Analysis and Vision Statement 

 Zara Mission Statement Analysis and Vision  

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