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Volkswagen Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

The mission and vision statement focus on real estate, advancement, and evolution. It demonstrates the impact that adopting excellent organizational statements and moral standards can have on its improvement.

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Volkswagen, abbreviated VW, is a German automobile manufacturer functioning at the highest level since 1937. Volkswagen AG is composed of 12 distinct brands, including some that it owns a majority stake. Volkswagen aims to boost its sustainability impact to make it secure for buyers and more enjoyable for staff members.

This article examines its mission and vision statements. These statements are an essential component of the corporate approach because they describe what the company stands for, including its strategic development or the direction where it is established and the role it is attempting to achieve.

Mission Statement

Volkswagen focuses on enhancing its environmental practices to implement them better for consumers and far more exciting for employees. They are also focused on increasing the worth they provide to their stockholders, associates, and clients. The corporation notes no official business mission statement, but the Volkswagen Group declares an environmental mission plan.

The Volkswagen Group lacks an official mission statement. The following is the nearest approximation to a mission statement for the Volkswagen Group:

“The Group’s goal is to offer attractive, safe and environmentally sound vehicles which can compete in an increasingly tough market and set world standards in their respective class.”

This strategic vision encapsulates everything else the corporation does to progress toward its vision. Its primary focus is on preserving a level of excellence that surpasses all rivals in all areas. The following are the critical elements of the statement:

  • Exceptional quality
  • Surpassing expectations

Volkswagen AG's mission statement is a customer-oriented stated goal, so the central emphasis is on the buyer. The first connection concerns customer satisfaction, the second with their varied needs, and the third with responsibility, morals, and devotion.

They are well cognizant that they do not advertise one-time items but rather perspectives that last a long life. As a result, every vehicle is committed to providing the best reliability for unforgettable experiences.

Vision Statement

A corporate vision statement's objective is to demonstrate a firm's long-term goals for progress and expansion. Volkswagen's vision statement is as follows:

“To make this world a mobile, sustainable place with access to all the citizens.”

This particular emphasis in this statement is to introduce transportation modifications around the globe through its brands. The following elements are included in the report:

  • Global coverage
  • Reduce congestion and long-term viability

Through its extension, VW has taken this opportunity to approach people worldwide. These German devices are now available in almost every part of the world. They are also adapted to different conditions, allowing VW to fulfill virtualization and supportability requirements irrespective of where vehicles are used.

VW's vision statement appears extremely formulaic in contrast to its mission statement and does not explain its long-term vision. It simply indicates that VW is committed to being a provider of environmentally-friendly vehicles. Energy efficiency is more than a fad, and in the profession of transportation, the emphasis is shifting toward cars that use less fuel and are less damaging to the environment.

Currently, it is unclear precisely what sort of financial future the product desires or where it intends to relocate to market competition.

Core Values

The Volkswagen Group guarantees that the seven Volkswagen Group Essentials are integrated into the firm's framework and serve as pillars of its corporate culture. "Accountability, group work, a servant's attitude, and integrity" are among Volkswagen's basic values. This company's prominence demonstrates that it tirelessly provides and fulfills the needs of all of its customers.

This is one of the many practices for which VW is known, along with being a business and potential due to its guiding principles. Since it evaluates group work and doing the correct thing, the firm is able to endure both internal and external business challenges.


We are truthful and will stand openly if something is flawed.

Honesty is a valuable quality in any individual. Incorporating this as a core value demonstrates the firm's sense of morality and humanistic nature. They present to the world that they do only what is correct, even when no one is looking, implying that they are not scared to speak the reality and be accurate.


We make headway.

They value instilling the current developments, whether in technology, styling, or any other field and are not afraid to try things with technological breakthroughs in their area. And they do so bravely, intending to shape and mobilize the world.


We are pleased with the results of our efforts.

This dignity is not confused with arrogance or haughtiness but instead demonstrates their conviction in the quality of goods. They advocate for eco-friendly products and are solid and happy in their job and techniques.


We not me.

Three words are all it requires to nail this significance into the worker's head. There is no wonder that Volkswagen regards everything as a single massive entity that functions flawlessly and without mistakes or comorbidities.


We retain our promises.

Our dependability is comparable to their sincerity. We demonstrate that we can be relied on. The firm intends to fulfill its word and look itself in the mirror.

Volkswagen Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

Key Takeaways

While the mission and vision statements are like the framework and roof structure, the morals they combine are the central tenets on which any business exists. A minor interruption or inequity in either of these outposts can collapse the overall infrastructure.

Similarly, Volkswagen automobiles can now be found worldwide, along with well-known confidence in their company and the quality they provide. The design is also responsive and innovative, satisfying the demands of multiple locations and necessitates. Constructing a corporation is fine, but establishing and maintaining a company over time is a triumph.


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