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Burger King Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Burger King’s vision and mission statement emphasize the firm being and remaining the best in the industry and being the biggest quick-service restaurant chain globally.

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After James McLamore and David Edgerton joined forces and brought ideas together, Burger King came into being. They both spent $1,300 of their savings to get the restaurant into being. Burger King’s Vision Statement was formulated by its founders at the company’s inception. The company has a vision that emphasizes them being and remaining the best in the food industry. The company also focuses on offering the best services, a pleasing ambiance, and services to keep attracting clients. Burger King aims to develop strategies and policies that give them long-term leadership and success in the quick-service industry. 


Burger King Mission Statement Analysis

Burger King’s Mission statement is; ‘offer reasonably priced quality food, served quickly, in attractive, clean surroundings.’ The mission statement’s primary focus is to put Burger King in a position of expectable outputs. The main focus of the company’s mission statement is to focus on stress estimating, administration, and a feeling to keep bringing customers into the restaurant. The four main points of Burger King’s Mission Statement Analysis are; 

  • Reasonable Prices: Every customer needs to feel the value of what they are paying for. It is about the food that the customers eat and the environment in which they eat. It is called value for money, and Burger King has ensured to provide an attractive package that keeps the customers coming back. 
  • Quality food: Burger King is not good enough without ensuring that their food is quality. Food quality means that the restaurant focuses on selling what the competitors are selling but ensures a unique element about the food. Also, the food sold to customers should be fresh and ready to eat. 
  • Quick service: How fast you attend to a customer shows the level of customer service you have as a firm. At Burger King, customer requests are a priority. All orders are prepared within the mentioned turnaround times. Customers do not have to wait long for their orders to be completed as this will jeopardize the hotel-customer relationship, which is not what Burger King wants. 
  • Attractive, clean surroundings: It makes no sense to offer the best quality foods in an environment that is not conducive to customers. At Burger King, quality food goes hand in hand with the ambiance. The atmosphere is clean with many attractive features that ensure customers have a great time while enjoying the best meals. 

Burger King Vision Statement Analysis

Burger King’s Vision Statement says this; ‘to be the most profitable QSR business, through a strong franchise system and great people, serving the best burgers in the world.’

The vision statement pushes Burger King to put its best foot forward if they want to remain afloat in such great competition from other companies in the same industry. There are four main points that Burger King relies solely on to achieve their vision statement. 

  • Most profitable QSR Business: Burger King looks to be a business that only offers the best in the industry but also makes excellent returns at the same time. The focus is on having excellent customer service and profitability go hand in hand in the future. 
  • Franchise system: Burger King has a vision of operating in different locations globally and ensuring that service and quality remain standard. 
  • Great People: Burger King looks towards fostering a great people culture amongst the employees and with the customers. 
  • Best Burger in the world: This is a grand vision to have. Burger King understands that there are other restaurants offering burgers but have a goal of ensuring that their burgers are the most sought after. 

Burger King Core Value Analysis

Burger King’s core values are teamwork, family, excellence, and respect. The company believes that it can only move forward by fostering these four essential aspects and making them a daily practice. Teamwork and family are a more significant focus as Burger King wants its employees to feel like they are a family who is all working towards a common goal. 

Good benefits foster teamwork, excellence, and respect for paid holidays and health insurance for the employees. These benefits help to keep employees loyal. 

Burger King Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

Below is a comprehensive mind map of Burger King showing who they are and where they intend to be in the long run. Burger King is a leading quick service provider, offering the best burgers globally. 

Key Takeaways

From the above Vision, Mission, and Core Value Statement Analysis, Burger King has been doing well. By making their employees feel inclusive, they promote brand loyalty which translates to good service for the customers who will eventually keep coming back. If they retain this trend, there is a high chance that they will achieve their vision statement. 

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