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10 Best VR Headsets You can Choose in 2022

10 Best VR headsets you can choose in 2022

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Immerse the tingling visual and auditory fun of your gaming experience in the world of Virtual reality. The gaming industry is strongly affected by Virtual reality to experience the change by using VR power. With the advent of technology, the headset tracks motions that allow the VR to look around the virtual space while playing the game in it. Games and experiences have helped VR gain traction in current years, but headsets come and go fairly frequently, making it seem much in flux. 

Oculus is now concentrating put a lot of effort into standalone with Quest 2 VR headset by providing options to connect this with the PC. HP offers the better-priced Reverb G2. HTC offers Steam-friendly Vive Cosmos and Pro 2 Vive, and HTC offers the cheaper Vive Cosmos. VR PlayStation is more compatible with PS4 Valve's Index headset is expensive. 

So, if you are eagerly chasing the most pleasing and powerful performance VR headset to kickstart your gaming journey, but don’t understand which VR headset is a better option for you! Check out our list of best VR headsets based on pro gamers' preferences and essentials! 

Key Question: Which Is the Better Headset Choice For Gamers? 

Tethered and standalone are headsets that fit under the categories of Modern VR. HTC Pro Vive 2, Playstation VR, and Valve Index are the things that lie under the tethered headsets. Its valve index is connected with the PC physically ( either for PS VR and PS 4 or Playstation 5. Cable placing into it makes its system a bit bulky, but placing all in the actual processing is not more complex. With the help of controllers to sense the motion, you can track your head and hands with full 6DOF movement (six degrees of freedom).


However, headsets standalone deliver the complete physical freedom to remove the cables and are not required for your external devices to handle the processing. To provide 6DOF track motion and similar 6DOF motion controls, the Quest 2 Oculus has comparable external-facing cameras to the now-discontinued Rift S Oculus. Quest 3 is usually lacking in providing gaming processing power. It gives high performance to the mobile processor with smooth graphics. Review this in-depth list of the most VR headsets if you're willing to learn more.

The Standalone Stand-Out: Oculus Quest 2

The Rift 2 Oculus is the first-class system in the existing wave of VR. Oculus is gaining vogue in its category. A standalone headset, the Rift 2 replaces the company's dedicated, VR headset tethered with Rift S. Standalone Oculus Quest 2 VR headsets are built with the 865 chipsets upgraded Qualcomm snapdragon with the actual Quest of the 835 chipsets. It offers the vast experience of gaming with the single packages in which no wires are needed (besides the charging wire) and comes with the two motions control for the full vision of 6DOF hand to hand of motion tracking to enhance the experience of the VR onboard store. 


Sony Accessible Playstations VR 

Sony's support for PlayStation VR, as well as PS 4 availability and compatibility, make it an attractive alternative to gaming PCs. In this, you need to have a headset, a PS 4, and the PlayStation camera included with the PlayStation bundles VR. It is also consistent with the PS 5, but to make it accessible, you need to ask for a complimentary adapter from the company to make the camera to get work. 

Did you know? Sony is still working on the latest Playstation VR design under processing for the use with the controller in PS 5. The new design hasn’t been revealed yet, though Sony has just launched the design image of the latest preview of the updated controller yet. 


Great Headset With Controller: Valve Index 

Valve Index has the valve's own VR PC -a tethered is the most expensive VR headset if you need to buy everything to make it usable (excluding the computer). The thing which is tough to ingest is that the 120 Hz Index features of refresh rate that is much higher than the competitor's model. Unfortunately, the headset isn't that much impressive, its controller is so extreme. 

It tracks the movements of every finger movement. To make the game better, you will need to trigger the grip of the button controller. Valve Index is comfortable and comes with high-quality construction with a smart built-in speaker. The only disadvantage of this quality is that the headset feels heavy while wearing it for long hours. 

Highest Resolution: Vive Pro 2 HTC 

To experience the highest quality resolution, HTC Vive 2 Pro is the perfect headset for you. This high-quality PC VR headset targets enthusiasts and professionals are usually available with pictures in high pixels. It offers you the best thing we experience so far. It is available at an average cost. You need the external base station and one controller to make it accessible with the valve index. 

Just like Oculus, the Vive Pro 2 also works with the StreamVR, and sometimes it comes with its own VR software store that comes in the form of Viveports in headsets. The store also provides the subscription-based Infinity viveport that provides you limitless access to the VR adventures instead of purchasing any external software. 

Tethered VR For Windows: HP Reverb G2

Microsoft windows integrated reality has been declining because of the HTC. Valve provides the experience of VR games and offers a bundle of software libraries. Previously the WMR - specific This has been updated with the StreamVR-friendly G2 HP Reverb. It is considerably more expensive than the Oculus Quest 2. It is so easy to install compared with the tethered valve Index high VR experience. 


Vive HTC Cosmos 

Despite its age, Vive Cosmos HTC's still a competent VR headset tethered, but it seems as if the firm has been concentrating greatly more on its business and experienced headsets such as the Vive Pro 2. Now, these VR headsets work well on their own. StreamVR and HTC both have their massive library of the viveport and some subscription services. 


Google DayDream 

It is an inexpensive virtual reality headset used only with Daydream-compatible smartphones for immersive virtual reality experiences. Daydream-ready smartphones include the Google Pixel MotoZ, Moto Z Force, and Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus. Google designed this to access this with remote controls at your fingertips with the help of a smartphone headset. 

Irusu Monster

Irusu Monster comes in a Lightweight VR headset that handles the performance of multiple smartphones with the highest 6.69 inches size. This VR headset is easy to create and needs to place a smartphone into the required space. It comes with fully adjustable lenses that offer a relaxing and immersive experience. The tight controller available in this headset allows you to manage your character to relish the visuals of games with the help of maximum immersion. 

Oculus Rift + Touch 

Oculus is a good form of the VR headset that gives a superior quality performance in your gaming. This system doesn't require any PC hardware and requires very minimum conditions to make it accessible for VR games on your headset. The integrated audio system of this headset offers the immersing experience of listening with a range of 360- Degree. The Oculus Rift + touch gives the low latency to track the current movements in your VR applications to the games. It usually requires a Windows 10 or stable internet connectivity to link various games with the help of VR headsets. 

Procus One 

Procus offers premium quality VR headsets at reasonable prices. Procus is launched by Google Carboard technology. These VR headsets are suitable for phones that include a screen ranging up to 6 Inches. Procus headset comes in a sturdy look with an integrated pair of headsets with 3.5 mm cables. You can modify the pupillary adjusters to configure the setting according to your vision. There's also a volume control for adjusting the volume. Having a cushion like this allows you to play for a long time without becoming uncomfortable.


Last but not least, VR headsets come in various designs, shapes, and sizes. So, if you are glimpsing for the finest virtual reality headsets, standalone types of headsets can be operated alone without any need for external attachments with smartphones or PC and require smartphone insertion to play their role in the game experience the change. Well, VR's fascinating technology could be a hint at the future of computing. With that in mind, we’ll continuously track the New VR headsets released in the market to stay updated with the new trends and technology to give you the pro gaming experience. Check out our list of best VR headsets to experience the change. 


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