OREO Graphic Organizer PDF Template

Make use of these colorful OREO graphic organizer PDF templates with your students to help them plan their persuasive paragraphs and arguments.


Part 1: What is OREO Graphic Organizer

The OREO acronym (Opinion, Reason, Explain, Opinion) is a great visual tool for helping students learn and remember how to structure their writing. The OREO writing frames explain each acronym element and provide spaces for children to apply them to their work. OREO is a handy mnemonic for teaching your class the critical structure for persuasive writing tasks. Children are encouraged to begin by stating their position about the argument. They then briefly summarize their reason for their opinion and provide reliable evidence to support their position. In light of their explanation, they state their opinion again lastly. The OREO graphic organizer PDF format will allow students to write a concise, clear paragraph for most short answer questions. Using this OREO opinion writing format, you introduce the subject and state your opinion, justify the view, provide an example to support the reason, and present a conclusion.

Part 2: Benefits of OREO Graphic Organizer PDF

There are three key benefits of OREO graphic organizer PDF.

  • Students can use the OREO writing strategy to plan their essay and have a starting point for their writing, together with a concept mapping tool. 
  • OREO is a strategy for persuasive writing that assists students in planning out their essays and having a starting point for their writing. 
  • Students can also use the strategy to memorize the critical components of persuasive writing. Keep them focused on the argumentative elements, organize their thoughts for a more effective essay, create the first draft of their report based on their OREO opinion writing notes, and follow their writing progress throughout the course.

Part 3: How to Use the OREO Graphic Organizer

The OREO writing model can use STAAR, TSI, and SAT models. The OREO graphic organizer format will help students write a focused and concise paragraph for most short answer questions. 

Step 1: With this format, you introduce the topic and state your opinion, 

Step 2: Offer a reason for the idea,

Step 3: Give an example to support the argument and conclude. 

This OREO graphic organizer allows students to write an opinion text using the OREO acronym. Students state their opinion about a topic, provide a reason for it, provide an example to support it, and finally, reiterate their belief. The graphic organizer can be downloaded and opened in Microsoft Word or compatible. It's a great teaching aid when teaching your students about opinion writing since the OREO acronym can help them remember what to include in their opinion writing paragraphs. This resource contains posters, graphic organizers, and worksheets for your students to get some much-needed practice.

Part 4: Free Printable OREO Opinion Writing PDF Template Download

Download the free OREO opinion writing and edit according to your need using PDF Agile. With this tool, create, edit, and convert your OREO graphic organizer PDF to a different format. Besides, PDF Agile promises a 100% security guarantee with its password-protected and e-signature features.


OREO opinion writing is a mnemonic: O stands for opinion; tell us what you think of the topic. R stands for Reasons; explain why you feel this way to your readers; E stands for Explanations; give examples of why you think this way to your readers. O stands for opinion, so tell readers about your thought and feelings once more. Inspiration Maps are an excellent example of a concept map tool. Thus, using the 'Alt-right mouse buttons on the iPad,' students can navigate and arrange their notes while seeing the direction of their writing. Students can add notes to their essays using the OREO graphic organizer PDF template by tapping on the shape for each part of the strategy.

OREO Graphic Organizer PDF Template

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