Employee Incident Report Template

If you want to know what an employee incident report template should look like, you have come to the right place. Find out everything about it here.


Although no one wants accidents or incidents to happen in an office, unavoidable things may happen at times, and for that, there is an employee incident report form which needs to be filled. All sorts of incidents can happen, and documenting these incidents is prudent. Employee incidents can be accidents that happen when one is at work.

If your organization wants to register employee incident reports, you will require something called an employee incident report template, which you can use to document future employee incident reports. The template will help you identify the components one must write to report the incident correctly. This guide will help you with what an employee incident report template looks like and how one should fill it. Keep reading. 

What is an Employee Incident Report?

An employee incident report is a record of incidents. Employees use this to register incidents that had happened when they were at work. Employee incident reports should be filled in as soon as possible after an incident happens so that relevant steps can be taken about the same. Once an employee fills out the employee incident report form, the form goes to the appropriate departments for further investigation. 

Investigations will be done about the same, and further steps will be taken to avoid similar incidents in the future. What is essential to understand here is that the company must provide an employee incident report form to the employee who has dealt with the incident. The primary purpose of filling an employee incident report is to provide the company with information about the incident. Some companies call this form an employee incident report letter. 

Since incidents can happen in an organization, incidents can cause property damage, illness, bodily damage, and more. And no employee should avoid filling up the employee incident report forms because if employees don't register that, incidents of similar kinds can happen again. To get into the root cause of the incident and find ways to stop such incidents from happening again, employees need to fill out employee incident report forms. 

How to Write an Employee Incident Report?

An employee can download a printable employee incident report template from this website and fill it up to report the incident. Please note that tons of employee incident report templates are available, but you need to be careful about the template you are going for. The template should have all the crucial components, be easy to understand, and should be easy to write. To understand the template, why not download the template that we have and go through our step-by-step instructions below to learn how to fill it. 

Step 1: Employee Information 

At the beginning of the employee incident report, you will see a few sections. One will be "Reported By", which will have the name of the person who is reporting the incident, their title/role, date of report, meaning the date when you are reporting the incident, and finally, the incident number. The administrative department of a company generally takes care of this section. 

Step 2: Employee Incident Information

This is the section where the employee needs to be the most careful. The date of the incident needs to be mentioned here. The date of the incident is different from the date of the report. The date of the incident is when the incident happened. The employee name needs to be entered who met with the accident/incident, along with their role in the company. The location needs to be clearly mentioned. If the employee remembers the specific location area, that can also be added. 

After that, there will be an "Incident Description" component, which will outline the incident in detail. How the incident happened, what happened after the incident, everything will go here. 

The "Employee Explanation of Events" will have employees' descriptions of the event. After that comes the "Resulting Action Executed, Planned, or Recommended" component. This section will have details about actions that were taken after the incident happened. 

In the Name/Role/Contact of Parties involved, please mention the names of people and their roles involved in the incident. If there is a witness to the incident, their names and roles will go in the "Name/role/contact of Witness" component. If a police report was filed, tick yes or no. 

Step 3: Signature and Other Details 

Finally, add the name of the employee and ask them to add their signature. Then comes reporting staff name to whom the employee has reported the incident along with their signature. Then, the HR Rep.'s name needs to be added, and their signature has to be there. The date needs to be mentioned as well. 


By following the steps that we have mentioned above, the employee incident report will be filled successfully. Just ensure that you get the correct employee incident report template because the incident has to be reported as accurately as possible, and that's why you should get a ready-made template that one can easily fill and submit. Every incident that happens in an office must be registered and recorded so that the company can take the right measures to resolve this issue and take actions to stop such incidents from happening in the future. 

If the incident has hurt an employee, they should tell this to someone they know in the office so that the employee incident record process can begin, and they must see a doctor immediately. In case of a bodily injury, the person affected must take the necessary steps to feel better. With this note, we hope this guide will help you understand what an employee incident report is and what all should be recorded.