Delivery Note Template and Tips

Your search for a simple delivery note template ends here. Find out how a delivery note should be and how to prepare it.


Whenever you receive a product from a store, they usually hand over a receipt, meaning the payment document confirming that the payment transaction is successful and the company you have paid has received the payment for the goods you ordered. However, companies sometimes share a delivery note after the product is delivered. The delivery note confirms that the order has been delivered and received by the receiver of the product. 

Delivery notes and invoices are two different things, and one must not confuse them as one. Delivery notes allow companies that deliver goods/services/products to have a good reputation in the industry. If your company wants to provide customers with a delivery note as well, then you will require a delivery note template. A template that will let you enter the details easily. 

What is a Delivery Note?

A delivery note has multiple names. It is sometimes called a good receipt, while others call it a packing slip, goods received note, and dispatch note. The name preference depends on the company. But to help you understand, a delivery note will be provided along with the product. It has the names of the products that have been delivered, the date of delivery and sometimes the time. Sometimes, the delivery agent may ask the product receiver to sign a copy of the delivery note. It then works as proof that the delivery is successful. 

Components of a Delivery Note

A delivery note will have specific details. But what, one needs to understand that there is no obligation to provide customers with a delivery note. Unlike payment receipts that must be provided to the customer, a delivery note can be skipped as well. But it is a good practice to provide customers with a delivery note. 

Now, let's walk you through the components in a delivery note and how you need to fill each component.

Step 1: Delivery Note

When you provide customers with a document, they need to know what kind of document it is. So, right on the top, the document should say it is a delivery note. Besides that, you should add the logo of your company. 

Step 2: Your Company's Name

You will have to add the name of your company, and below that, you need to add the official address of your company. Street name, city, zip code, everything will have to be added. 

Step 3: Invoice Information 

Yet again, this is not an invoice statement, but still, you need to ensure that you add all the details related to the delivery. There needs to be a reference number, invoice date when the invoice was created, delivery location, order number, carrier name, delivery method, and the product's total weight. 

Step 4: Customer's Information 

You will have to add the name of the customer. Add the name and address. Contact details should be included as well, such as phone number and email ID (if available). 

Step 5: Additional Information 

It is better to add important terms and conditions in the additional information component. For example, you may want to add something about the return policy. 

Step 6: About the Product 

Based on the number of the product, you will add the product information in this section. There needs to be a product code, description of the product, quantity, and price per item. You don't need to calculate everything. Just mention the product information, and that will do. 

Step 7: Goods Received By 

This section should have the name of the person who received the product. If it is the customer, mention their name; if it is someone else, add their name. Along with that, you need to enter the date the product was delivered. 

Step 8: Signature 

It is always better to include the signature of customers who receive the delivery as proof. 

Benefits of a Delivery Note

When a product is out for delivery, every company wants to be sure that the product is delivered on time. This encourages customers to trust the company better. Every company will provide customers with a delivery date, and a delivery note confirms that the product/products have been delivered as promised. 

A delivery note also confirms that the item/items a customer has asked for are there in the package. One can consider this as an additional layer of professionalism. It shows that a company is concerned about its customers and wants to be 100% sure that the delivery is successful. In the delivery note, one will see the number of items in the package; this assures the customer that they are receiving everything they have asked for. 

Moreover, the delivery note will have details about the company, which means it exposes your customers to your brands repeatedly, which is a form of marketing. The additional information section can have information about your return policy or other important details, which can be exceptionally helpful to your customers. 

Delivery reports are helpful for both the product receiver and the sender. It is always better to have two copies of the same delivery note. One that you will deliver to the customer and the second that you will take with you for documentation purposes. 

Delivery notes are always accompanied by products. This allows customers to have a quick glance at the things that are there in the package. This way, they don't have to fear that some of their products are missing. They can cross-check using the delivery note and be sure about it. 

Some customers like to open the package right in front of the delivery person. If someone does that and finds that one or many items are damaged, the delivery person can take a note of that then and there. Also, the delivery note will have the sender's contact details. This way, the receiver can call the sender and tell them about the products received so that necessary actions are taken.


Download a simple delivery note template that you can use. Ensure that the delivery note looks consistent no matter the delivery and number of deliveries you have. This way, you will create a consistent brand image. Follow a small approach. If you add the sender's contact details in one delivery note, do add it in all. 

If you use a particular font in one delivery note, ensure to continue that in all delivery notes. Do add your company's logo as well. You don't only want to ensure that you have delivered the products safely, but tell everyone that your company has taken the extra step to provide customers with a delivery note. 

With this note, we finally conclude this guide, and we hope this will help you create a delivery note without any hassle.