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Walmart Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

The purpose of mission and vision statement analysis of Walmart is to help people in saving their money so that they can live better

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The first store of Walmart was opened back on July 2nd of 1962 by Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas. By the year 1967, the family-owned about 25 stores and made $12.7 million in sales. In the year 1969, the company was renamed as Wal-Mart stores Inc. Within the retail industry, the reputation of Walmart cannot be matched to any other. All of the success of Walmart is associated with its mission and vision. The vision statement of the company is to help people understand future goals. The vision statement of Walmart is to prepare itself for the wholesome experience of shopping and the satisfaction of its customers. 

Walmart Mission Statement

The mission statement of Walmart is as follows, "helping people worldwide save money and live better – anytime and anywhere – in retail stores and through e-commerce." Walmart's mission statement acts as a starting and dynamic and motivational force not only for employees but also for the consumers in the long run. The company acts and helps both consumers and employees that the company can be trusted in times of difficulty, which the company proved during the pandemic of Covid-19. The statement of the mission state that the company can work even during hard times and can serve people in all aspects of business and provide people with the essentials of life. Walmart's mission has been to allow the people to save their money and, side by side, meet their needs to compensate. 

Walmart Mission Statement Analysis 

Walmart's mission statement is one dynamic factor behind its success. Walmart is one of the best companies in the world for upholding rules and providing customers with basic day-to-day care essentials. The mission statement of Walmart is proof of this stance. "Helping people worldwide save money and live better – anytime and anywhere – in retail stores and through e-commerce." This is one of the simplest and most straightforward statements that can be analyzed easily. There are four basic elements in the statement that needs to be analyzed thoroughly to understand the core meaning of the mission statement. Those four elements include:

  • Providing help to people worldwide 
  • Save money and live a better life 
  • Anytime and anywhere 
  • In retail stores and through the use of e-commerce

Providing help to people worldwide.

This is the first element of Walmart's mission statement, and it is a rather Walmart's universal goal that is to help as many people as it can by providing then basic assumptions add a low price as compared to other companies and supermarkets. In the industry, the goal of Walmart is ever-increasing, and Walmart is expanding its position in different countries by opening different stores at different locations everywhere. Walmart has opened new retail stores in the United States of America and other countries, which include Africa, Canada, Japan, India, and Mexico. The popularity and reliance have led to an increase in the output of the business.

Save money and live better.

In the present time, the main goal of every working citizen is to save money. Saving money has become an integral part of every working citizen because it helps them make their budget better and keeps the money safe for future emergencies. 

It is a fact well stated that people do not like to spend much on groceries. In this regard, Walmart has kept its price very low and provided quality products at discounted prices. The excellent quality of groceries, daily care essentials, and the household items provided by Walmart help people to save their money and to live a better life. 

This is a convenience that is being offered by Walmart that has changed the lives of many people by making it easier for them to make their budget-friendly and allowing them to shop at a discounted price

Anytime and anywhere 

Another important thing done by Walmart is an expansion of its horizons that has allowed Americans to have everything at their doorstep. It has made lives convenient by allowing us to get the grocery and lively hood accessories all from one place. It also helps in saving the time of working individuals. This statement helps the company to provide convenience to buyers only across the globe by being there anywhere and anytime they visit.

In retail stores and through the use of e-commerce 

This is the last element of the mission statement, and it is the company's plan of expansion throughout the world. This is not expansion only through retail stores but the involvement of current trend, which is E-commerce practices. Walmart has set up an online market to buy accessories to help its customers and to accelerate the expansion plan. The retail stores have quick access under easy to negative because of the friendly staff services, and everything is well organized for saving the time of busy individuals.

Walmart Mission Statement 

Walmart's vision statement is this, "to make every day easier for busy families." This is one of the most straightforward marketing strategies because most Americans belong to the working class, and they do not have much time to spend on food and groceries. Walmart's convenience is very convenient for the citizen, and by this, citizens can save up to thousands of dollars by having budget shopping. The problem with working individuals is that they do not have time to go out for groceries or to visit the market to get discounted food items. This problem is being solved by Walmart as it offers groceries, curated meat, and almost everything that is required for a household.

Walmart Vision Statement Analysis 

Walmart's vision statement is relatively smaller if we compare it with other big companies. However, it delivers a message loud and clear. 

The statement of vision helps us to understand the motive behind serving people. The vision statement has only one element to analyze, and that is to make the daily lives of working people easier through different methods of providing everything at one particular location, which not only helps in saving time but money as well. Walmart is considered one of the best supermarkets because of its selection of companies and dealing with different brands that allow Walmart to be versatile in quality, inconsistent with its attitude to treat employees and customers in the same manner. Walmart has been a trusted source of everyday items for people of every age since its launch back in the 1960s. The expansion of Walmart in every area has helped people to be active and seek out for things to support their families to function better. 

It also encourages kids to go grocery shopping without their parents or under added pressure.

Core Values

Walmart's core values and work ethics set it apart from other counties. The core values of Walmart include "Service to the Customer, Respect for the Individual, Strive for Excellence, and Act with Integrity." In that regard, there are four basic elements that need to be analyzed.

Service to the customers 

Service to the customer is the most important thing that the employees of any organization are being told to follow. 

The customer has the role of a king. It is the duty of employees to help the customers in searching for products, providing them with adequate information about accessories and suggest them alternatives, and always being polite and understanding towards customers.

Respect for the individuals 

Respect for the individual means being respectable towards not only customers but the employees as well. This thing promotes the message of having respect for every working individual inside the premises of Walmart.

Strive for excellence 

Striving for excellence is a key factor that every company goes through, and for that reason, a company should have good communication skills. 

Act with integrity

Acting with integrity is a rule that every employee must follow no matter what the circumstances are for a better image of society. 

Mind map 

Key Takeaways 

Walmart is a well-known retail store. The reputation of Walmart is unmatched in the industry retailing. The vision statement of the company helps people in understanding future goals. The vision statement of Walmart is to prepare itself for the wholesome experience of shopping and the satisfaction of its customers.


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