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McDonald's Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

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Richard and Maurice McDonald, two brothers from San Bernardino, California, launched their first restaurant in 1954. McDonald's is among the world's fastest restaurants, with almost 34,000 areas spread across 118 countries. As the world's largest fast-food restaurant chain, it describes MacDonald's vision and mission statements as critical strategy and program management systems for securing steady growth.

They didn't choose to start a fast-food restaurant till 1960. The restaurant was an outstanding achievement, and the brothers marketed their first company to Ray Kroc in 1961. After a year of marketing brands, Richard and Maurice expanded their business to Chicago. In the latest days, the fast-food powerhouse has prioritized global expansion, ending 164 restaurants in the United States by 2020 and functioning 13,682 branches in this market.

The firm has created a brand image in the fast-food restaurant sector with its reliability in food quality. This article discusses how McDonald's mission and vision statements are modified in response to developments in the broader foodservice industry atmosphere.

McDonald's mission statement affirms the company as an impactful favorite food focusing on a variety in this case. In comparison, a firm's corporate vision statement sets up the company's long-term objectives. McDonald's vision statement encourages an organization to develop and thrive. Despite economic difficulties and competition-related challenges, McDonald's believes that its existing mission and vision suit its constantly expanding multinational operations.

Mission Statement

McDonald's mission statement has evolved from a simple intention to sell burgers to a far more complex ideology of delivering value to customers and stockholders the same as each other since its original conception. The mission statement provides stakeholders with a good explanation of the company's strategic planning. In the case of McDonald's, the company's mission statement is as follows:

"We aim to provide a fun and safe environment where our customers can enjoy good food made with quality ingredients at affordable prices." 

McDonald's mission is to be the buyers' preferred place for food and drink. The business aims to provide all customers worldwide with a quality service experience. It also intends to expand its business while also promoting community engagement profitably.

The following are the main components of McDonald's corporate mission statement:

  • Customers' favorite eating and drinking establishment
  • Customers' preferred method of eating and drinking

McDonald's mission statement emphasizes how well the fast-food corporation feeds and supports communities. It consists of three major parts:

Delicious Food:

McDonald's has something for everyone, from snacks to steaks, fries, pastry, chicken, etc. It makes no concessions when it comes to the additives and reliability of its foods.

McDonald's continuously improves food at reasonable prices, making people feel good no matter their economic position. Foodies go on an acid reflux journey through McDonald's entire menu to seek their favorite items and discover what the company is all about.

Create Feel-Good Experiences:

McDonald's gives valuable food and fantastic, feel-good memories and interactions to its customers worldwide. Each McDonald's location maximizes the mission to deliver customizable services and offerings to satisfy the market's needs.

McDonald's Japan, for example, has been functioning on consumer-facing online activities for over 17 years to optimize and improve in-store thoughts and feelings for its consumers and grow its business.

Easy for Everyone:

Despite being an enormous food corporation, McDonald's offers a good and enjoyable environment for all customers. The practical experience management corporate strategy virtually guarantees standardized operations across all stores globally.

Customers can stroll into any McDonald's location in the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia, or Latin America and have the same skill set, quality, and accepting character they love and know.

Vision Statement

A foundation's vision statement focuses on the long objectives that the business seeks to attain soon. It provides stakeholders with a clear picture of where the corporation is and what it aims to gain. In the case of McDonald's, the company's vision is

“To move with velocity to drive profitable growth and become an even better McDonald's serving more customers delicious food each day worldwide.”

The significant parts of the company's new corporate vision statement are as follows:

  • To drive profitable growth, move with velocity.
  • Improve your skills. Every day, McDonald's serves more delicious food to customers worldwide.

McDonald's vision statement implies that the firm wishes to "move with velocity," implying that it wishes to accelerate its commercial enterprise to meet market access to fast food. The company has also stated that it desires "profitable growth." A company must make enough profits to survive in the long run.

McDonald's vision statement's first and third elements demonstrate that the company intends to develop and flourish its processes. This goal adds up the number of places and streamlines processes to increase profit margins. The second element depends on the business advancement. The type of advancement stated in the corporate vision is not specified by the company.

The company's vision is to keep improving its service quality. McDonald's is already famous for its rapid and reliable service, distinguishing it from the competition. Regarding this corporate vision statement, the firm should consider performance and increasing advancement in the various aspects of the fast-food restaurant chain business.

The current statement, on the other hand, is far more specific. It contains the following elements:

  • Relocate to support the expansion. In this section, the business can show its desire to expand into a large company. It can only be accomplished if the company becomes more decisive while broadening and expanding its operations.
  • Greater customer care. McDonald's has never been satisfied with its current level of quality. With its experienced professionals, the business is always on the prowl to improve its services.
  • All over the world. This component is related to the first because the presence of McDonald's in every global location contributes to the company's growth and profitability.

Core Values

The core values of McDonald's are the foundations of its success. McDonald's needs to admit its core values:

“The backbone of our Brand is, and always has been, a commitment to a set of core values that define who we are and how we run our business and restaurants.”

The following are the core values that the company emphasizes:

Teamwork: We continue to encourage a varied yet cohesive team. We require skilled, qualified individuals who collaborate to achieve our shared objectives.

Respect: We support the rights and belief systems of our coworkers, customers, shareholders, suppliers, and community members. We recognize others with the utmost dignity, equality, and trust.

Accountability: entails accepting personal and team obligations and following through on our commitments. We feel responsible for our achievements in all of our behavior and choices.

Integrity: We adhere to strict ethical principles, proving honesty and fairness in everything.

Innovation: We are innovative in providing value to our colleagues, customers, and community. We alternatively know and capitalize on the numerous opportunities that present themselves.

Diversity: We value diversity among our investors, shareholders, and employees.

Workers: Our employees' well-being and quality of life and their potential for advancement, security, empowerment, and teamwork are essential to us. Safe attitudes and behaviors are critical.

Stockholders: Our Board of Directors is dedicated to the company's and its stockholders' long-term success.

Community: We will proceed to be packed and responsive corporate citizens in our community. We do local business and are charitable.

McDonald's Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

Key Takeaways

McDonald's mission statement meets many of the requirements for conceived mission statements, but not all of them. McDonald's excludes information about its target consumers, markets, and stakeholders. Incorporating such extra info can help the company develop its corporate mission.

McDonald's short-term mission is to provide the most extraordinary feasible service for visitors in their branches while serving good food made from good ingredients. To establish robust market differentiation, the company intends to provide high-quality service.

McDonald's vision statement meets all of the requirements for creating ideal vision statements. On either hand, the company's vision is to broaden beyond and enhance its service quality. To give better services to its buyers, the business aims to upgrade its company processes continuously. If you want to download the PDF format report, you can use our PDF Agile software, a complete and affordable solution for all of your PDF needs naturally.


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