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KFC Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

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KFC has been considered one of the biggest fast-food chains around the globe since the 1950s. KFS, which stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken, was first opened in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. The restaurant was then specialized in selling fried chicken. The owner of the fast-food chain Harland Sanders, founded KFC as his first roadside eatery in Corbin, Kentucky, to overcome the after effects of the Great Depression. The concept of offering fast food in the form of delicious fried chicken, wraps, sandwiches, and burgers was to save the time of the consumers so that they can eat their food while traveling or even walking. Harland Sanders, when identified the potential of his business as a chain restaurant, he firstly opened his franchise in 1952 in Utah and since then the food chain has never looked back. Currently, according to a collection of data in December 2019, KFC is the second largest fast-food chain having 22,621 locations internationally in 150 countries. 

KFC Company’s basic ambition is to maintain the quality and taste of their food along with an aim to capture the fast food industry with increased quality and capacity. Before analyzing the Mission and Vision it is important to learn about the exact statements issued by the company to explain its mission and vision.

Mission Statement

“To sell food in a fast, friendly environment that appeals to pride conscious, health-minded consumers”

In its mission statement, KFC is trying to convince its consumers to buy healthy and yummy food in a fast and friendly environment. Whenever a company designs its mission statement, the basic objective behind is to determine its future goals. For this, the company makes it comprised of its strategies, outlining objectives, and deciding daily choices. It is important to communicate the purpose of the company to explain its motivation behind its customers. However, the mission statement of KFC is too short to communicate some of the important elements in a mission statement. This mission statement has included a single value of a friendly environment in their company, leaving behind the important components of their mission. The statement might include something meaningful for showing concern about their employees, which is important to motivate them to give the best performance, something appealing for the potential customers other than the environment, and even showing concern for survival. The mission statement is supposed to be more customer-oriented rather than being so much product-oriented as of the mission statement of KFC. The statement which gives hints about customers’ care and aims for problem solving is more productive than the statement telling about the specifications of their products. So KFC has to work on its mission statement to make it more appealing to the customers and for the motivation of its employees.

Vision Statement

“To provide food in a quick, pleasant setting that caters to cost-conscious, health-conscious people.”

The vision statement of KFC is clearly explaining the company’s aim for its business and customer care, showing concern for the future. KFC aims to meet current market demands by emphasizing bringing innovations in their business and focusing on modern customer experience. One can assess a number of strategic planning vividly described in the vision statement of KFC. With a vision to create an even greater KFC, the company is focusing on its business in terms of providing high-quality meals with great taste for the health-conscious and cost-conscious people. 

Core Values

By offering its services with great core values, KFC is making its way higher in the fast food industry. Viability, in the long run, pricing and productivity, privacy and safety, and teamwork are some of the core values of KFC which help the company to stand out. 

By viability, it means that the company has aimed to stay valid even after decades by paying constant attention to prevailing trends to stay in the market. To encourage its employees and boost their productivity, the company is determined to provide individual and group encouragement. Also, the pricing is aimed to maintain a balanced cost-price relationship with the mixing of market circumstances. The company focuses on the privacy and safety factors by providing job training and certifications to its employees in order to make them aware of the company’s policies about connecting to the market and the cost-price linkage of the company. KFC encourages skilled and experienced individuals to work in a productive environment. 

KFC Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

KFC’s mission and vision statements are comprised of important elements, including an aim to cater to the needs of its targeted population.

Key Takeaways

After the complete analysis of the mission and vision statement, it can be concluded that both the statements are somewhat complimenting the ideal mission and vision statement for a company by addressing the company’s corporate purpose, just some factors missing in the mission statement. However, some of the most important elements are missing in these statements, which should be thee to explain its targeted market, targeted customers, and its employees. With an aim to boost the mission statement of KFC, the company can include some important information about its employees, customers, or global market. KFC is a grand business worldwide, so its mission statement should be implemented in all areas and all parts of its organization. For the understanding of the customers, it is important to create a mission and vision statement which can communicate almost all the aspects of the business so that they can learn about the motivation behind the existence of a particular company and KFC’s mission and vision statements, although lacking some factors, still fulfilling the demands of a great mission and vision statement.

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