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Johnson & Johnson Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

Johnson & Johnson is the world’s largest health care company. This article presented a thorough analysis to know the company’s mission, vision, and core values.

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Johnson & Johnson Company is the world’s largest health care company. The company was founded by James Wood Johnson, Edward Mead Johnson Sr., and Robert Wood Johnson in 1986. It has its headquarters in New Brunswick. It operates under the well-known slogan, “From the day you’re born, Johnson & Johnson never stops taking care of you.”

The corporate is involved in the manufacturing and sale, the investigation, and research of products in the health care field. J& J Company is the highest-paid drug company across the globe. Their leading products include Stelara, Tylenol, and Invega.

It operates through three main segments: Consumer Health, Medical Devices, and pharmaceuticals.

  • The Consumer Health segment includes products such as beauty, baby care, O.T.C pharmaceutical, oral care, wound care, and the women’s care markets. 
  • The Pharmaceutical Segment: This segment pays close attention to the therapeutic areas. This includes metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, oncology, immunology, and pulmonary hypertension. 
  • The Medical SegmentThe medical segment puts forward practical products used in the neurovascular, orthopedic trauma and implants, surgery, and optical health fields, among others.

Currently, the company contains over 250 subsidiaries that operate in 60 countries while selling commodities in 175 countries. Its resources are valued at approximately $170.69 Billion (2020), and they continue to increase tremendously.

The vision and mission statements of Johnson & Johnson Company have seen it rise from a local perspective to multinational cooperation that is ranking high on the Fortune 500 list. In addition, it contains a list of core values, discussed later, which guides its operations. Therefore, working side by side with the vision and mission statements to ensure the corporation’s growth.

The company is a strong believer of:

  • Leaders matter in this generation and the next.
  • For progress to happen, there should be listening and action.
  • Partnering to change the systematic basis.
  • Community is the core of our culture.
  • Fair employing practices with shared goals in mind.
  • Commitment to pay equity across the world.
  • Support for new career paths & changes.
  • Designed with everyone in mind. 

Johnson & Johnson Mission Statement

Johnson & Johnson’s Mission Statement is to delight their customers and treat each individual who contacts them as if they were their only client. They also work on providing them with a response that is evidence of their interest and that leaves them with a clear understanding that they are important to them. The company works on inclusivity and treating everyone with absolute care and respect. To them, the community, consumers, and employers are equitably important. 

Johnson & Johnson Company works strategically, incorporating four main components:

  • Bettering Lives: J&J is geared towards the advancement of life for individuals in terms of health and wellness. For example, J&J dedicates its resources to sponsoring the creation of health-based products in numerous divisions. Some contain consumer health products such as oral care, skincare, and baby care which help people live better.
  • Beyond Expectation: Unlike other companies tied to their niche, Johnson & Johnson is not limited to any niche. The company goes above and beyond its key areas of focus to impact community enlightenment and development. The company demonstrates its limitless wish to donate and care through the targeted programs spread worldwide, such as education sponsorship. In addition, the company is among the top companies in environmental conservation through clean energy initiatives.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: The company uses this component to illustrate the power of unity in coming up with long-term solutions for most complex worldwide situations. J&J contributes greatly towards a friendly environment through showing respect for the thoughts and contributions of people. This is what has driven the groundbreaking innovation of healthcare products with a global impact for over a century.
  • Health Impact: This Corporation is a pioneer in some of the most rated pharmaceutical products.

Johnson & Johnson Visual Statement

Johnson & Johnson’s vision statement states that all people should use their unique experiences to sparkle solutions that create a better, healthier life. This vision statement shows people that corporate values a person’s capacities. J&J uses this element to impact people globally. The Johnson & Johnson vision statement operates under the following components:

  • Spark SolutionsThe collaborated thoughts and ideas of people in Johnson & Johnson Company have enabled it to lead in the creation of various impactful products. The company has become popular due to its global contribution to different healthcare niches through innovations. These have played a part in the fighting of numerous illnesses.
  • People’s Unique Encounters: J&J acknowledges the difference people can make worldwide. Hence, the basis why individuals with diverse talents are given opportunities to contribute to its direction. The company regards all efforts as its strength.
  • A Healthier Globe: The corporate has opened beyond 60 countries around the world and distributes its products globally, impacting their health.

Johnson & Johnson Core Value

Johnson & Johnson’s core value entails:

  • Developing diversity
  • Growth and innovation
  • World supply base
  • Investing in the future
  • Citizenship and sustainability
  • World diversity

To achieve its vision and mission statements, J&J company has implemented these core values to ensure that society remains pledged. The most paramount aspect is that Johnson & Johnson Company motivates its workforce and stakeholders to remain progressive and to retain the thirst for finding solutions to problems alive.

The corporate can do this by stirring up innovation in line with a spirit of working together. By embracing people’s different ethnicity, J&J builds a culture of corporation and sharing. These deeds have been its source of innovations. In addition, it has enabled the corporation to frequently enlarge itself and its product lines into a worldwide entity in this modern digital era.

Johnson & Johnson Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

A Mind Map is demonstrated as follows to put forward a comprehensive analysis of the Johnson & Johnson mission and vision statement analysis for our readers. The mind map attached below contains a detailed description of the visions, missions, and core values of Johnson & Johnson.

Figure 1: Johnson and Johnson Mission Statement, Vision Statement and Core Value Analysis Mind Map

Key Takeaways

Johnson & Johnson is well-known for its deals with creating pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer packaging products. It has acquired its place in the top 20 Fortune list of the globe’s most eye companies. The mission and vision statement both contemplate the company’s benevolence for people. Apart from Johnson & Johnson’s baby products and pharmaceuticals, Neutrogena beauty and skin products are popular as well. 

Using the term “credo” in J&J’s mission statement conveys that their programs, actions, and productions are all inspired by their belief. The mission entails the idea that the corporate cares for its community, clients, and employees. Its determination to consider equality among all people is a commendable segment. J&J’s vision which states to help people see better, live better, and connect better, is aimed at aiding people to live a healthier lifestyle. The presence of the three components in its vision outlines how the result of the company helping out will lead to better lifestyles.

Johnson & Johnson has three key competencies. They include: Cooperate culture, innovation, and in-depth collaborations. Johnson & Johnson has been spending on research and development for quite some time and is now among the world’s top spenders on development and research. There are only four J&J innovation centers: California, Shanghai, Boston, and London. In-depth collaboration: This is another main competency that aids the company in dominating health care.

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