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A Complete PESTEL Analysis of HPCL

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PESTEL Analysis of HPCL helps us understand the external factors that affect the Hindustan Petroleum (otherwise known as HPCL) positively and negatively. Any business you run is subject to these external factors mentioned earlier. However, the PESTEL analysis is what helps us understand these factors better. But for those unfamiliar with PESTEL analysis, we will offer a brief explanation to help you paint a better picture during your reading.

Pestle or PESTEL analysis for HPCL is a methodology that is critical for organizations like HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum) to analyze market trends and continually improve their operations. 

Uses of PESTEL Analysis

Workforce Strategy: A Pestle study can assist uncover business model disruptions that could significantly impact the future employment environment. It can detect talent shortages, new work positions, job cuts, and job displacements.

Marketing Strategy: A Pestle study supplies the' climate' aspect in the scenario analysis step of the marketing strategy process. It can assist in prioritizing corporate efforts to meet specific marketing goals within a specified timeframe.

Product Development: A Pestle study may assist evaluate whether to enter or quit a route to market, if a product or service still meets market demand, and whether to launch a new product by monitoring external activities.

Business Planning: A Pestle Analysis of HPCL gives context for the business's objectives, branding strategy, growth targets, and productivity threats (such as another pandemic). It can aid in evaluating existing products and services and the development of new ones.

Overview of HPCL company

The Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) is a subsidiary of the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, owned by the Indian Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has a 25% market share among India's public sector undertakings (PSUs) and a robust marketing infrastructure. ONGC, which has a significant stake in the corporation, is its parent company. As of 2016, the firm was rated 367th on Fortune's Global 500 list of the world's largest corporations.




Oil and Blood


Mukesh Kumar Surana




Mumbai, India


49 billion dollars

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PESTEL Analysis of HPCL

Here, we will look at the in-depth analysis of the PESTEL Analysis of HPCL. Five factors affect the performance of the HPCL industry:

  • Political Factors 
  • Economic Factors 
  • Social Factors 
  • Technological Factors 
  • Environmental Factors
  • Legal Factor 

Political Factor

The political aspects in the Pestle Analysis of HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum) are as follows:

HPCL is a subsidiary oil refinery of ONGC, which operates throughout India. For its operations to run correctly, the country's government policies must be stable. The government is also seeking disinvestment, a vital factor to consider. Government decisions in foreign affairs have a significant influence on HPCL operations.

Economic Factor 

The people's economy suffered as well. As a result, individuals use cost-cutting techniques. HPCL's activities are impacted by the decline in various industries' operations. The industry's economic health and personnel are critical for every firm. The corporation should also adhere to the government's GST policies.

Social Factors

Due to urbanization and ease of operations, people have changed significantly. Today people are considering having their vehicles in their family. The way they use these vehicles also has changed in recent years. The change in trends causes the rise in the demand for crude oil in the country. People are also worried about climate change and shifting to biofuels.

Technological Factor

Concentrate on technology to improve its operations and save costs as per HPCL Pestle Analysis. The new technology aids the company's activities in discovering crude oil and constructing oil pipelines. Technology also includes extracting crude oil and refining it for home use. The new industrial revolution aids the corporation in improving refining methods.

Legal Factors

HPCL works in several states, each with its own set of rules. The business should follow the norms and regulations in its areas. It should also keep track of each state's diesel and gasoline tax rates. It should also ensure that those states solely bear these expenditures.

Environmental Factors

The environment of an organization comprises both aspects that it may easily alter and ones that are entirely beyond its control. The latter group of variables is considered to exist in the overall environment. Because the general environment typically has a significant impact on an organization's success, leaders must keep track of trends and events as they develop and try to foresee their consequences.


Political factors

  1. Taxation of corporations
  2. Other budgetary efforts
  3. Conflicts over free trade
  4. Issues of antitrust and other anti-competitive practices

Economic Factor

  1. Rates of interest
  2. Rates of employment
  3. Inflation
  4. Rates of exchange

Social factors

  1. Consideration of demographics
  2. Consumer perceptions
  3. Working conditions and attitudes

Technological factor

  • Technological advancement 

Environmental factor 

  • Impacts of climate change, including physical and transitional dangers

Legal factor 

  • Operating licenses and permissions are necessary.
  • Consumer protection and labour legislation
  • Industry oversight


You can also view the HPCL PESTEL Analysis PDF using the PDF Agile platform. 

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Key Takeaways 

We have successfully investigated the PESTEL Analysis of HPCL and have seen how the various external factors affect the industry. We have also taken a further look into each element, studying how they play a significant role in the company's sustainability.

Finally, use PDF agile for all your PDF reports, conversions, and edits. It is a powerful and easy app. We hope you find this article informative.


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