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Ford Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

A modern and innovative Ford mission and vision statement analysis

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Ford is a company that has been an established name in the automobile industry for a long time. The company has been offering luxury automobiles for the consumer since 1903. The company has recently been exploring the market of smart and electric vehicles. The company recorded revenue of $136 billion in 2021. It employs 186,000 people as of 2020. Unlike Japanese cars, the cars made by Ford are more driver-oriented. The handle is built to last better and has high torque and power output, making it fun to drive around. Other than that, they look more muscular than their Japanese counterparts. Recently, the company started making fewer cars. Ford is cutting their car lineup to just one model due to a lack of consumer demand and interest. The company has noticed that buyers are more interested in buying SUVs and trucks. The article will highlight and analyze the Ford mission statement and Ford vision statement to dig into technological innovation in the company and its expansion all over the world. Explore through the analysis of the Ford mission and vision to replicate its aims and visions and get success. 

Mission Statement

Regarding the Ford Mission statement, the company focuses on making life better for its customers sustainably and effectively. The Ford mission statement is “creating a much better life for people by making transportation more accessible and affordable ”.

The company’s mission statement is to focus on the people who travel and move around a lot. The company's main aim is to make a better and more afterlife for them. The company aims to fulfill this by offering automobiles and transportation means of the best quality and pricing. This focus on mobility is an indication that the company’s business in society is to serve the individual who takes their products. Since the company is one of the five leading automobile companies in the world, its mission is to make people’s transportation more accessible and affordable. The main aspects of the Ford mission statement are as follows:

  • Make people’s quality of life better. 
  • Make mobility more easily accessible
  • Make mobility more economical

To improve people's quality of life, Ford Motor Company has been focusing on targeting the company's satisfaction and ensuring that their products value and cater to the needs of the target customers. For example, offering more accessibility and affordability in the services and products. The company has been offering high-quality products to make more improvements the products, especially the company’s strategic plans to increase and refine the accessibility and affordability of products to allow the customers to travel easily. So the accessibility and affordability are high in the case of the vehicle purchased from Ford. 

In the mission statement, the company has also focused on the automotive business, where it views itself as the major contributor to improving the overall standards of transportation while effectively increasing the quality of life. By considering the major strategic management objectives, the company has now shifted focus to incorporate more affordability in its business operations and products.

Vision Statement

Ford's vision statement is: 

“To attain the status of the globally most trusted company, while creating smart automobiles for the world of the future.” Ford's vision statement depicts and portrays the company's strategic goal of achieving its aim to become one of the leading or more a leader in the automotive industry in the future. The company is focused on producing smart vehicles that address modern consumers' needs. The innovation and creativity in the field of automobiles are pertinent to deal with the competition of the current market conditions while maximizing the chances of product sales by making them customized to the customers’ preferences. The company aims to make more profits while staying market relevant. More efficient technologies are being employed as well. The main aspects of Ford's vision statement are as follows:

  • Global-scale production and distribution of vehicles 
  • Most trusted and affordable company
  • Designing smart vehicles which address the needs of the modern smart world

The vision statement’s initial aspect of Global-scale coverage is an indication that Ford is expanding its market and aiming to engage more and more consumers and widen its target market with innovation and market access of the products across the globe. The company further aims to build a brand image that seeks the consumers' attention based on the products' quality and affordability. The technological integration in the form of Electric vehicles is also one of the reasons that Ford is making progress. The vision statement's reliance on smart vehicles indicates that the company will be employing digital technologies in its future products, so the future is bright. 

Core Values

The core values of Fordarevery diverse and inclusive. The company aims to diversify and expand its portfolio of products while offering the values that satisfy its responsibilities towards society, the employees, and the environment. 

The company’s key core values are as follows: 

  • People are a priority: Ford puts its customers, employees, partners, and communities as its priority. 
  • Be ethically responsible: Ford focuses on being ethically right in its business operations, so there is integrity and transparency in the operations. 
  • Be innovative and creative: Ford ensures that it has an innovative and creative workforce. 
  • Work-life balance: Ford commits to offering great work-life balance to its employees. 
  • Build Ford resilience: From optimism to strategic building, Ford aims to be resilient. 
  • Compete to Win: Ford aims to tackle the industry's competitiveness by increasing its standard. 
  • Unity in Ford: Ford aims to build a strong unit of employees, customers, and stakeholders who work for the company as a unit and a family. 

Ford Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

The Ford Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map offers a deeper insight into the company’s strategic vision and mission, allowing readers to know the company’s future. The prospects are positive, and Ford will be making major waves in the future if it incorporates more innovation and creativity in its business operations. 

Ford Mission and Vision Statement Analysis mind map.png

Figure 1 Ford Mission and Vision statement analysis

Key Takeaways

Ford Mission and Vision statement analysis report offers a detailed insight into the company, which has been an established name in the automobile industry for a long time. The company has been offering luxury automobiles for the consumer since 1903. The company recorded revenue of $136 billion in 2021. The company has been falling behind in recent times owing to the increased competition. Ford is cutting their car lineup to just one model due to a lack of consumer demand and interest. Persistence and more innovation and sustainable practices are needed to diversify the product portfolio and engage more customers. You can avail such reports and download them in PDF form, PDF Agile. 

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