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Accenture Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

An Accenture analysis to know its mission, vision, and core values.

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Accenture is a multinational management company that specializes in outsourcing, technological services, and consultancy. It was founded in 1949 by Eugene Schwarz as the American Consulting Engineers Council and focused on building a world where people could reap the benefits of modern technology. It is based in Ireland. In addition, Accenture is a constituent of the Fortune Global 500 list and is also the globes largest consulting firm. It works jointly with clients to help them become high-performance businesses.

Accentures existing clients include 91 of the Fortune Global 100 and more than 75% of the Fortune Global 500. They provide professional service throughout several business sectors, including insurance, finance, travel, health, and medicine. Let us dive deep into Accentures Company and see its mission, vision, and core values. 


Accenture’s mission and vision statement analysis is as follows:

Accenture’s Mission Statement

Accentures mission statement is “to be the catalyst for a positive switch in an unsure society.” The mission statement shows that the corporation is enlightened about its crucial role in the dynamics of the corporate globeIts objective is to help its clients build their futures. Accenture cares about the success of its clients and puts them first by ensuring that it has resolved their hardest challenges. They do this by coming up with unequaled services in technology, strategy, operations, and consultancy. 

It recognizes the necessity for organizations to have an organized approach towards conducting operations, one that executes strategy and design. Accentures mission statement can be illustrated with these components: making a difference and improving industries. With their great proficiency across all industries and business functions, they deliver transformational outcomes.

Accenture’s Vision Statement

Accentures vision statement is “to become among the first companies to come up with innovations to upgrade the way the society works and lives.” The focal point here regards the impact of firms in other sectors. The vision statement has two points which include:

  • Fostering innovations
  • Universal reach

Accenture’s Technological Vision

According to Accenture Company, their technological vision in 2022 is "Meet Me in the Metaverse: The Continuum of Technology and Experience Reshaping Business." In the vision, there are four highlighted trends which the company will need to address:

  • Webme: Insertion of “me” in metaverse.
  • The unreal: Making artificial, genuine.
  • Quantifying the impossible: New gadgets, new probabilities.
  • Programmable globe: Our planet, personalized.

Core Values

Accentures website has listed their co-values as:

  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • Best people
  • Respect for the individual
  • Client value creation
  • One global network

They believe that these core values are what distinguish them from their competitors. Accenture looks forward to instilling these values to all its employees since they help them achieve their mission and vision. They believe in creating long-term connections with their worldwide market reach. The company nurtures diversity and the creation of opportunities to support and enrich gifted individuals with a collaborative work environment. 

When talking of stewardship, Accenture refers to the fulfillment of client desires with diligence and integrity, which are chief principles for building long-lasting satisfied stakeholders and connections. 

Accenture’s Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

To offer a thorough analysis of Accentures Mission and Vision Statement Analysis for our readers, a Mind Map is presented as shown below. The Mind Map will incorporate a detailed description of Accentures visions, missions, and core values. 

Figure 1: Accenture Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Core Values Mind Map

Key Takeaways

Accenture collaborates with more than 75% of the Fortune Global 500. It acquired its name from the phrase "Accent of the future," which is in close relation with its mission statement, "Helping our clients create their future." Through its mission statement, Accenture prioritizes clients, mentors them, and becomes the "voice" towards a promising future.

The focal point of their vision statement is on further development and growth. The core values of Accenture serve as a base for identity. These values play a huge role in guiding them on how they conduct their business. Accenture works in building a setting that encourages growth for both the clients and the workers. Thus, providing them with room for immense growth in their business operations. 

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