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Uber Mission and Vision Statement Analysis

The Uber Mission and Vision statement analysis comprehensively analyzes Uber's overall operational culture.

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Uber transformed the transportation industry and its outlook for the users. From vehicles used for rent and delivery of food and packages to conveyance services for daily usage, the company has expanded the domains of its services. Launched in 2009 by Camp and Kalanick and headquartered in San Francisco, the company has expanded its footprint to over 900 cities with over 92 million users. The company has suffered some setbacks in the form of scandals and controversies; including data hacking, the company's labour standards, and safety issues from the customer's perspective. The company is still committed to improving its services, bringing in more sustainability, and reducing the costs from overall operational efficacy. However, the highlight has been the Uber mission and vision statement, which will be analyzed. 

Explore through the analysis of the Uber mission and vision statement analysis to develop a deep insight into business management in this corporate world.

Mission Statement

Uber's mission statement is "making transportation and mobility as trusting and agile as flowing water for everyone." This statement is a clear indication of the commitment and the desire of the company to offer its services to each and every individual across the globe without any discrimination and increase the affordability of traveling as well. 

Uber's Vision statement highlights the need to make transport a major commodity for people. While people travel for work and fun all day long, heavy traffic and expensive rides are a big hindrance. Uber doesn't want its riders to lose jobs because they are late for work. The major aspects of the mission statement are as follows: 

  • Reliable and dependable means of transport.
  •  Transportation is offered to each and every individual regardless of where they live and where they want to go.
  • It makes sure anyone can access the services anytime they want. 

Secure and reliable: Uber aims to develop itself as the most secure and dependable way of transportation for individuals and gropes worldwide. This is dependent on the assurance of the high quality of the service, security, and pricing strategy of the services.

Everybody's transportation: Uber's main mission is to ensure that it can offer its services to everyone across the globe. The company has been offering vehicles in multiple categories that riders can choose according to their affordability. From Africa to LA, customers can find their rides in their price range and comfort range. 

Internet access: The Internet is one of the key ways customers can access the services of Uber App. Uber is still facing a lot of competition in regulation and local taxi providers in regions where the intent services are not advanced. So the company aims to ensure that it also works on this aspect. 

Vision Statement

Uber's vision statement states, "We awaken a life-changing opportunity by offering commute to everyone." The world offers a lot of insight and a deeper understanding of the company's operations and how it deals with its customers and stakeholders. It is composed of the following major aspects:

  • Offering career opportunities: Uber has been offering the riders and drivers the chance to avail the services while becoming a source of employment for each other. The app has been supporting millions of drivers across the globe who has taken it as a part-time or full-time job. It also offers a more affordable way to commute across the city in less time to the riders, which is critical if they live in cities where the traffic is hyper and getting to work on time is crucial. Allowing the drivers to become financially self-sufficient is the mission of Uber. 
  • Globally trusted and secured transportation option: Uber has been ensuring that it provides safety to its riders and drivers. The company has been working worldwide, covering over 900 cities. The profiling of the driver and riders is done to ensure that both parties travel safely. With the rating system, both parties have a chance to accept or reject the ride. 
  • Significance of motion and traveling: To progress in life, you will have to move forward and make progress. Traveling is an essential part of the motion and moving forward. Uber is ensuring in the Uber vision statement that the people across the globe have a chance to travel however they want and that too in less time. No time-wasting and overcharging are done. 

Core Values

The core values of Uber ensure that the company efficiently fulfills all its responsibilities. The core values of Uber are as follows: 

  • We develop a scale of services that are not only efficiently working at the local level but at the global level as well. 
  • Complete passion and devotion for the customers.
  • We are celebrating the diversity and inclusivity in our company. 
  • We have operational rules set. 
  • We offer persistence and high regard for value in our services. 

Uber aims to offer all these values and goals to its customers while creating a healthy and supportive organizational culture for its employees. The company further seeks to establish a name in the corporate world while fulfilling its CSR responsibilities efficiently. 

Uber Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

Uber Mission and Vision Statement Analysis Mind Map

Figure 1 Uber Mission and Vision statement analysis

Key Takeaways

The Uber mission and vision statement analysis mind map highlight that the company is committed to offering its service to everyone across the globe. The company aims to make its services more and more accessible as well as affordable for every individual. 

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