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Nervous System Concept Map: Explained with Examples

Adopt the nervous system concept map to break down the complex functions and components that come with it.

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Nervous System Concept Map Explained with Examples

The nervous system serves as the body's central command center, facilitating the transmission of messages and signals between the brain and the rest of the body. It encompasses key components, including the brain, a complex network of nerves, and the spinal cord.

By its definition, you'd know that the nervous system involves crucial processes. It's highly complex that you must learn some common elements and aspects of the nervous system. While you might have learned some of them from your biology class, the nervous system concept map can be an excellent tool to understand it better. 

What is a nervous system concept map?

A nervous system concept map serves as a visual representation of the intricate processes associated with this crucial biological system. While the creation of such a map may seem challenging, it's not due to the difficulty of gathering information but rather the sheer volume of components within the nervous system. Nevertheless, a concept map proves indispensable in simplifying complexity. It allows for the systematic deconstruction of intricate elements, facilitating the efficient illustration of relationships and connections within the nervous system. By breaking down these multifaceted aspects, a concept map becomes a valuable tool for comprehending the intricacies of this vital physiological system.

Nervous System Concept Map Examples

The following illustrations will be helpful as you structure your nervous system concept map. Look closely at the examples below:

Autonomic Nervous System Concept Map Example

The autonomic nervous system is one component of the peripheral nervous system whose function is related to regulating involuntary physiologic functions like blood pressure, heart heart, digestion, sexual arousal, and respiration.

Your autonomic nervous system concept map might include the peripheral nervous system as one of the main concepts. Besides the autonomic, there's also the somatic nervous system, another peripheral nervous system component. It's responsible for voluntary control of one's body movements. You can compare the somatic and autonomic nervous systems in your concept map. Remember to provide linking words to specify the relationships of the nodes. 

Autonomic Nervous System Concept Map

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A Comprehensive Nervous System Concept Map Example

The nervous system encompasses two principal systems: the central nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system, involving sensory and motor neurons. Concept maps prove valuable in elucidating the functions of these systems, and employing color-coding enhances their distinct identification.

Nervous System Concept Map

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Nervous System Concept Map FAQs

Why use a nervous system concept map?

Employing a nervous system concept map offers a targeted approach to dissecting the intricate components of this vital system. It simplifies the comprehension of the nervous system by breaking it down into comprehensible elements. To streamline this process, utilizing diagramming software proves invaluable, allowing effortless dragging and dropping of components and enabling color customization. Moreover, you can enhance interactivity by incorporating stickers and images, transforming the concept map into a dynamic and engaging educational tool.

What are the main parts and functions of the nervous system?

There are just two primary parts of the nervous system. One of the nervous system concept map examples above has also presented this. First is the central nervous system, which comprises the brain and the spinal cord. Meanwhile, the peripheral nervous system consists of the nerves branching off your spinal cord and extending to other body parts. You can also include the somatic and autonomic nervous systems under the second primary component of the nervous system. 

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