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Best 20+ SWOT Analysis Examples for Students

Importance of the best 20+ SWOT analysis examples for students.

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A Student’s SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis will provide a student with a clear vision of where they find themselves and where they wish to go, especially at the start of their studies. It is an excellent aid, though, at any point during their study period. It will help in setting clear goals for their studies and also identify areas where they need to improve. When used at the start, it will help, especially with determining what the student is good at and how best to utilize their strengths.

As with all SWOT analyses, the best way to do this is by making use of a clear four-quadrant diagram. It is a way to help set out all the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) the student faces. The SWOT analysis example for students below will give an indication of how it should be completed. The examples will give an indication of how it can be done, especially by asking the right questions.

Students should try and do a SWOT analysis regularly to stay on track and help set milestone goals. It will help them stay on track as well as keep them motivated. The four-quadrant diagram includes the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It is important to devise relevant questions for each to create a meaningful analysis. Here is an idea of how the diagram can be populated with relevant question examples for each quadrant. 

The Student’s Strengths

This quadrant can be used to establish what the student is good at. Some of the questions that might be relevant to the student are:

  • Does the student have the ability to multi-task?
  • Does the student have excellent communication skills?
  • Are their social skills good?
  • What does the student enjoy doing?
  • What do others see as their strength?

The Student’s Weaknesses

This quadrant will attempt to establish what could stand in the way of achieving goals such as:

  • What areas does the student need to improve?
  • What is preventing the student from achieving a goal?
  • Are any bad habits standing in the way of any achievements?

The Student’s Opportunities

The quadrant here will look at external elements that could present opportunities for development and growth.

  • Can a network help to promote a future career?
  • Can they develop skills to fill a need in the industry they wish to work in?
  • Do changes in the industry provide an opportunity to develop new skills?

The Student’s Threats

Here, it is important to identify external factors that could prevent the student from excelling. 

  • Does the student have a personality that could harm his or her career?
  • Do other students perform better in the same field?
  • Do they have skills the students do not have?
  • Does the student’s financial situation have an impact on their goal? 

For a personal SWOT, students should attempt to devise their own questions for each quadrant. However, it is helpful to make use of templates or look at examples of other students’ analyses. They could also simply list their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. 

A student should conduct their own personal SWOT analysis according to their individual framework. Most colleges or universities have templates that students can access via their websites. A SWOT analysis example for students can be seen below.

Best 20+ SWOT Analysis Examples for Students

A SWOT analysis example for students can help students find the right direction for them to take. It is important to note, though, that they should personalize their own SWOT analysis.

International Business Management Student Example

This example refers to a student wishing to study International Business Management. Answers to relevant questions included that their strengths lie in design, a fluent technical vocabulary, and strategic thinking. Weaknesses were the lack of knowledge of a specific market, sales and marketing skills, and the inability to delegate. As a female student, she indicated that opportunities in this field are that more women are selected for funding in the business. The threats can be seen in the need for constant upgrading of software and keeping up with the latest technology. 

SWOT analysis for international business management student

An Example of a Hospitality Management Student

The strength of this hospitality management student is in having good analytical, interpersonal, and critical skills. It reflects that she is people-oriented, has good communication skills, and has good customer relations. Weaknesses might be in language proficiency, inexperience in hospitality, and time management. The opportunities here are in the expansion of cultural experiences, building professional connections, and developing new skills. The threat is that there is a high demand for jobs in this field. 

SWOT analysis for hospitality management student

Example for Customer Relations Specialist Students

The strengths of this customer relations specialist student are that she is attentive and cooperative. She has the ability to pay attention to detail. Things that might be considered weaknesses might be the lack of language proficiency, being easily influenced, lacking the ability to express opinions, and being indecisive. Opportunities can be that studies can be completed in a foreign country. The threats could be a lack of finances as well as adapting to a different educational system.

SWOT analysis for customer relation student

Example for Mobile and Web App Development Students

This student has strengths such as being detail-oriented and having good interpersonal and communication skills. Time management and the ability to troubleshoot are added strengths. Weaknesses here could be the lack of business connections and experience in this field. Opportunities can be found in volunteer work, making connections at university, and job offers. Threats could be in getting work permits and visas for certain countries. A major threat is that this is a rapidly changing industry.

SWOT analysis for web and mobile development student

Network and System Solutions Student Example

The strength of this student is his strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Language skills are often found to be a weakness. The opportunities in this field present themselves in the form of a constantly growing and expanding industry. The threats are mainly in the form of a lack of experience.

SWOT analysis for network and system solution student

Example for Nursing Students

Some of the strengths of this nursing student are the need to be passionate about nursing, self-motivated, highly organized, and have the ability to work in a team. Weaknesses might be a lack of confidence in leadership, analytical skills, and experience. Opportunities present themselves in higher nursing degrees and personal achievements. Threats are seen in stress because of long hours and a lack of support at work.

SWOT analysis for nursing student

Example for Sports Trainees

The most important strength for this sports trainee is endurance. The weaknesses are often a lack of self-belief and procrastination. Opportunities are found in places where the trainee can show off his or her talent. Threats are self-doubt and comparison to others.


Example for Engineering Students

Engineering students have their strength in the ability to concentrate and present topics in front of a large audience. Weakness is often procrastination and a lack of self-belief. An engineering student can find opportunities at exhibitions to display technologies as well as in internships. Threats can be seen in competition and the lack of self-confidence.

SWOT analysis for engineering student

Medical Student Example

The strengths of the medical students are that they need to have a good memory, have a calm demeanor, be dedicated, and be focused. Weaknesses are seen in procrastination and comparing themselves to others. There is no lack of opportunities for development, such as internships and volunteering. Threats are to their health for putting in long hours and stressful situations.

SWOT analysis for medical student

Literature Student Example

The strengths of the literature students are that they need to be patient and analytical. The weakness is in seemingly procrastinating because of over-thinking. Opportunities are all over, such as in publishing specifically and in teaching at various levels. Threats are mainly seen in the self-publishing genre, which can impede future jobs. 

SWOT analysis fpr literature student

Example of a Fine Art Student

This example points to the strengths of a fine art student. The strengths are in the ability to do research, experiment, do video logs, and create mind maps. The weaknesses are in the lack of updated video logs and mood boards, completing essays on time, and updating their art diary. Opportunities can be more experimentation, sketching, using digital tools, and getting more feedback. Threats are linked to time management, negativity, and a lack of final pieces.

SWOT analysis fotr fine art student

Music Student Examples

The music students would itemize their musical talents. That is, their strength would be in what instrument they are good at (voice included). An important aspect is a motivation as well as communication skills. Weaknesses are seen in the lack of experience and know-how. Opportunities are everywhere where music is needed (including teaching). Competition is a threat as there are many musicians.

SWOT analysis for musci students 

Undergraduate Student Example

The undergraduate student’s strengths lie in the ability to communicate, work well in a team, be creative, and have strong leadership skills. Weaknesses are lack of experience, control issues, and time management. Opportunities are in an established work setting already, so the transition would be easy. Threats are in a highly competitive market as the degree might not be focused enough.

SWOT analysis for undergraduate student

Information Technology Student Example

An IT student reflected on his strengths as being ambitious, a quick learner, an experienced PC builder, and a problem solver. His weaknesses are his lack of IT experience, lack of motivation, procrastination, and lack of public speaking ability. Opportunities are in self-acquisition of HTML and CSS. The IT industry is growing rapidly. The lack of experience could be a threat, and the IT demand could decrease.

SWOT analysis for IT students 
 Interior Design Student Example

The strengths of an interior design student are creativity, the ability to work alone, being curious, well-organized, and optimistic. Weaknesses here are being impulsive, short-tempered, obstinate, and bossy. Opportunities are to gain knowledge, learn from classmates, get internships, and have the option to travel. Threats are that the market can become saturated, financial shortfalls, and not completing assignments on time.

SWOT analysis for interior design student

Example for Architecture Student

A student of architecture revealed his strengths as being motivated, dedicated, hard-working, and able to work well under pressure, with management and leadership skills. Weaknesses are procrastination, the online environment, and being out of class for long periods. Opportunities in internships and financial benefits as a result. Threats are a lack of time to complete projects.

 SWOT analysis for Architecture student

Web and Mobile App Student Example 

This student has strengths in his experience in multiple fields. Therefore, he can multi-task. He has the ability to learn various new concepts. He is an analytical and critical thinker and researcher. He found his weaknesses in being easily distracted, lacking time management, and having difficulty balancing life and work. He sees opportunities in a large and growing market. Threats are seen in the many competitors and in dealing with financial expenses.

SWOT analysis for web and mobile app student

Example for Student Teachers

The student’s strengths lie in her abilities, skills, knowledge, and resources. The weaknesses lie in need for additional resources and added skills. Opportunities are in fellow student support, networking, and continued development in technology. Threats are that circumstances in schools can changeSWOT analysis for student teachers


Online Administrator Student Example

The student stated that she has strengths in search engine optimization (SEO), content writing, blogging, and social media best practices. Weaknesses are in the lack of Adword knowledge, lack of conversion optimization, and lack of initiative to learn new software. Opportunities are seen in the many businesses in need of blogs and SEO-optimized content. Threats are in the saturated market and the constantly changing technology to keep up with. 
 SWOT analysis for online administrator student

Web and Software Developer Student Example

The web and software developer student has strengths in multiple web and software tools. These are search engine optimization (SEO), content writing, blogging, and knowledge of social media and its use. Added to this, he has coding skills in Java, SQL, UML, and software design. Weaknesses are in conversion optimization, project-specific languages, and online marketing skills. The opportunities are that more and more businesses are making use of online marketing and are always looking for experts in this field. The threats are that it is a competitive market and it is difficult to find a job.

SWOT Analysis of web and software student

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