Story Elements Graphic Organizer PDF

Use the story element graphics organizer PDF visual tool to help students with different story elements such as story, plot, settings, and levels in the story.


Part 1: What is Story Element Graphic Organizer

Story elements graphic organizer is a type of organizer that is helpful as a reading comprehension support. Graphic organizers are a great way to organize information and understand complex concepts quickly and easily. They can assist a study tool in all subject areas, language classes, and ages. A story element graphic organizer PDF is a visual tool that helps students learn about different story elements, such as characters in the story, plot, settings, and different levels of the story. The story's beginning, middle, and ending, main idea, background, and character traits are among the other aspects of a story graphic organizer. Beginner-level graphic organizers focus on primary details, while more advanced ones target finer details and rich vocabulary. Different elements of story graphic organizers are designed for varying levels of comprehension and age. Students receive blank organizers and fill them in as they read the stories. They will then provide more information to show how much they have learned. 

Part 2: Benefits of Story Elements Graphic Organizer PDF

There are several graphic organizers; what works for a given subject or task may not work for another. 

Some of the benefits of a story element graphic organizer PDF are:

  • Graphic organizers are visual aids designed to help students organize large amounts of content information. 
  • In addition to being useful for vocabulary instruction, story element graphic organizers can also improve reading comprehension by assisting students in categorizing information and displaying relationships among essential concepts. 
  • The first stories children hear, often even before elementary school, start by helping them become familiar with the various elements of a story. Students will have learned how to identify the essential elements of stories by answering simple questions about the characters in the story and the events that took place.
  • Graphic organizers are a fantastic way to help students extract the elements of a story and organize them in a way that assists in better understanding the story and recall, retelling, and summarizing.

Part 3: How to Use Story Elements, Graphic Organizer

The story elements graphic organizer PDF template is another graphic organizer that uses different shapes to motivate students to read and recount the story. 

Step 1: The first line gives basic information about the story, including the story's and author's names. 

Step 2: Then, you have to add the character's name and fill in the house shape with the setting details. The setting is just when and where questions. 

Step 3: After the problem and solution, the student will fill in different story stages, such as the beginning, middle, and end of the story. 

Step 4: The last stage is the main idea of the story.

Part 4: Free Printable Story Elements Graphic Organizer PDF Template Download

Users can download the story elements graphic organizer PDF template, edit it, and convert it to other files using PDF Agile. You can use the in-built template also to create unique elements of a story graphic organizer. Don't worry; PDF Agile will keep your work safe from any third-party intrusion with its React Information feature, which permanently deletes any sensitive information from your PDF.


Reading comprehension is an exciting activity, but students can lose interest in it if it is subject to high stress and performance pressure. The elements of a story graphic organizer PDF make it possible for both teachers and students to conduct reading comprehension with minimal stress. Story elements graphic organizers use different shapes, colors, and sequences to encourage students to keep records of what they are reading and reproduce it on paper.

Story Elements Graphic Organizer PDF Template

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